Peace Now!

Peace Now! Volunteer MBC Statement of Solidarity with the Ukrainian People  

We strongly condemn the unprovoked act of aggression by Russia on Ukraine and its people. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We have been watching with grave concern for those who are facing violence and hardship because of this attack. We feel for the many friends and relatives here in Canada who are experiencing distress and fear for their loved ones in Ukraine. We stand by our Ukrainian neighbours, including our staff and volunteers, who are deeply concerned.   

The military actions of Russia cannot be condoned. Blatant acts of violence and invasions of any sovereign, free nation should never be accepted for any political or ideological motive. We know that this wanton, reckless action will neither be in the interest or betterment of Ukraine, nor Russia, nor any other country.   

As stewards of volunteerism in our local community, we believe in caring for each other above all else. Ongoing peace is a fundamental foundation for care, wellbeing and the preservation of our basic human rights.   

We humbly ask our government to open Canada to those fleeing the conflict and to provide substantial humanitarian aid to newcomers and refugees. Furthermore, we ask that Canada play an active role, in collaboration with all leaders around the world who seek to promote peace, in securing an immediate diplomatic solution.  

The solutions to today’s socioeconomic problems will not be found in force, but in the ideas and will of compassionate human beings who value community and kindness. We remind ourselves and members of our community to always speak truth to power.   

To our community here in Peel, we urge you to continue to foster a safe and welcoming home for refugees. We will continue to work with our member organizations and partners to ensure Peel provides the supports for the health and wellbeing of all who have been affected.   

If you have the means, please consider making a donation to one of the many charities supporting relief efforts in Ukraine now. Click here for more info.  

Once again, we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 


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