Growing Together

Volunteering is an experience like no other. The pride and satisfaction one takes in supporting their community is incomparable to anything else. It proves beneficial to physical and mental health while also solidifying solidarity with the people around you. For all ages, volunteering provides an outlet for creative thinking, personalized skill sets, and unique perspectives of individuals coming together to form a force for good. 

When volunteering, the majority of people helping out are often teenagers. This is because of local provincial community service requirements but isn’t bad in any way. Although it may seem like a burden to reach forty hours, volunteering teaches invaluable life skills and garners a sense of maturity. It also serves as an eye-opener toward the things we take for granted. High schoolers also bring their unique experiences and creative skills to help out in individualized methods. For instance, many students study computer sciences which can be applied to organizational skills in volunteer organizations. Likewise, any expertise you may possess can be applied to the noble effort to help others from languages to arts, everything helps. 

It is also greatly beneficial for young children to volunteer. Often accompanied by family members, younger individuals can learn a great deal about the challenges facing community members. This allows children to become more compassionate and understanding of differences. This is of the utmost importance to children as this stage of their life is one of great learning and development as a person. The distinctive process of helping others fosters an environment of growth and development toward understanding the fundamental aspects of humanity which include compassion, devotion, empathy, and the willingness to make change. 

Children and teenagers bring a great deal towards volunteering. However, the elderly population must not be forgotten for their substantial contribution. Senior citizens carry the wisdom, acquaintance, and unfathomable experience to greatly contribute to various volunteer opportunities. These individuals can shine and display their abilities while serving as role models to younger generations. Often displaying unparalleled initiative, kindness, and attention to detail. It is a delight to work among those with similar values while also being vast ages apart. In this sense, volunteers come to know the community and people within whom they unwaveringly serve. 

Who can forget adults; the backbone of any volunteer initiative. Offering responsibility and reliability. These volunteers take on leadership roles and are truly representative of how individuals can take the time to help others. Their contribution is very beneficial, especially for children who look up to them as shining sources of morality. 

The benefits of intergenerational volunteering are as vast and diverse as the experiences of each individual. When people of different ages volunteer together, we come to learn from each other and discover a newfound appreciation of what it means to be a part of a community. From children, teenagers, adults, and seniors, all are appreciated for helping out. When we work and put our minds together, there’s nothing we cant do. 


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