The living proof of the power of giving

Every April the Canadian Cancer Society advertises their Daffodil fundraising campaign to encourage all Canadians in making donations that will bring hope to people with cancer and even save their lives.   


Cancer is a common, life-threatening disease, in which approximately 617 Canadians are diagnosed with cancer every day and 228 would die from it daily.  


These patients take a toll from the moment they receive the diagnosis, to the moment they have to start learning about the type of cancer they have, research studies, treatments available, etc.  


Sandra McDonald, a former volunteer and current employee of the Canadian Cancer Society, reveals the donations help Canadians take control of cancer. She has a daughter who is a childhood cancer survivor and she says “I’ve seen the research work, my daughter is proof.” 


The CCS has done an excellent job of building a community to support these individuals in every step of their cancer. They provide resources such as, funded research, education, support services, and cancer information. These resources are only possible thanks to the donations they receive from the Canadian community. 


The Daffodil campaign brings light to those dark moments. It provides hope to those who might have lost it. Donations help individuals with cancer receive high-quality treatments and personal support services.  


Sandra believes the Daffodil fundraising campaign has a big impact on the CCS community because as their campaign says: “when daffodils bloom, hope grows.”  


Nova Scotian Bonnie Durling was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and she needed to receive treatment that was far away from her home. CCS provided her accommodations at The Lodge That Gives in Halifax during her treatment.  


This accommodation was only possible thanks to the annual funds raised through the Daffodil Campaign.  


No one should be facing this terrible disease alone, and CCS knows it. Helping each other makes our community stronger. It’s really a win-win situation. When you make a donation you are helping someone else’s life and you are also adding happiness to your life. 


Giving is a blessing that will always bring light to anyone involved. 


We encourage you to help and bring hope to those who have to go through this disease. Your donations can improve someone else’s life, even change it.


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