The Difference is Volunteering

Volunteering is an experience like no other. Its ability to improve lives is so vast and incalculable one could never imagine the wonders of helping others until they experience it themselves. From meeting new friends to helping communities grow, the power of volunteering is as diverse and unique as the volunteers who make the world a better place.  

No task that helps someone else is a small task. Helping out in any way possible has profound impacts on people, animals, and organizations desperately in need. Being there for someone and offering a helping hand goes a long way. In fact, it makes communities strong, friendships mighty, and the world so much better.  

In today’s world, so many people are in need. Whether it be physical or intangible, the call to action is real. Take for example Volunteer MBC’s posts, they may be informative but also acknowledge diversity, hardships, and tell people were here for them.  

Helping others can also help yourself along the way. It creates a natural sense of accomplishment and works wonders on your self-esteem. Volunteers should take immense pride in the work they accomplish because their community values their dedication. Volunteering also provides you with purpose and a support group. Working with others towards a noble cause is great for feeling welcomed and appreciated. You’ll make great friends and lasting bonds along the way.  

Volunteering can also provide you with relevant career experiences and lasting connections. Whether it be manual labour, computer skills, or just talking to people, volunteers’ lives are greatly improved with these new skill sets.  

In fact, when people go out of their way to say to the world “I’m here to help”, they represent serious change. In the service of others, one can truly understand themselves. Knowing that what you do today will satisfy someones aching hunger, provide them with relief, or even just simply give them hope will have you lost in who you are and what it means to make the world a better place.  

Volunteers are the glue that holds our communities together. Free of financial incentives, we are allowed to become the best version of ourselves. With our own two hands, we can truly say that at the end of the day, “I made a difference”. Our dreams for tomorrow are in our grasp, just say when you’re ready to grab them, say when you’re ready to volunteer. 

Together, we can become the change we dream of. A better world for you and for me. It all starts by stepping up to the plate and volunteering. It all starts by helping those in need and improving their lives for the betterment of society. 

Acknowledging that there is work to be done and putting yourself up to the challenge is beyond noble. Helping others is easy. Just keep an open mind and positive attitude. That is what will make the world a better place. That is how you can make a difference. That is the change that starts with you. 


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