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A word of personal thanks, as I turn the page

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time over the past decade with Volunteer MBC and contributing to the Social Impact Sector in the Peel region. As I transition into a new role at Volunteer Canada and conclude my term with Volunteer MBC on my own accord, I would like to thank everyone with whom I worked and collaborated for your insights and support.  

You all make Peel an inclusive, equitable and vibrant place for all residents, including my family and me. You and the volunteers who join hands with you deliver the essential programs and services in the community; without them, residents would find themselves in very challenging circumstances. The sector’s value was very evident during the COVID-19 pandemic when you gave true meaning to collective impact by helping all of us in Peel adapt to a world that is now quite different. Your relentless effort to push through barriers inspires me daily to do what I do.  

Volunteer MBC will always hold a special place in my heart. Over 10 years ago, the team took a chance and gave this new immigrant at the time an opportunity to serve the sector, make an impact and supported my growth. I sincerely hope that I have done justice to their significant investment in me. At Volunteer MBC, what I am most proud of is the team’s constant effort to be true to our aspiration – to work with stakeholders to address the most pressing social issues. Volunteer MBC is truly a great place to work with amazing people and certainly a conduit for good.  

I am not leaving Peel; I now have the opportunity to serve you from a national platform. 

Until we meet again, keep inspiring.


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