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About the program

Continuum of Care program supports vulnerable clients of numerous organizations, including seniors, children and families, guests of shelters and food banks, people in low-income situations, and people who are homeless and underhoused. Through this program, we identify gaps and coordinate urgent response efforts to distribute food and essentials in Peel.

How it works

We seek partners who have resources, such as food or materials, and our member organizations identify vulnerable clients in need. We coordinate the efficient and effective distribution of resources. We recruit volunteers to support the effort, especially volunteer drivers to help deliver the food and materials to where they are needed.

Why should I participate?

As a service, this program supports vulnerable seniors and families in receiving the food and essentials they need to thrive. Associated volunteers, such as delivery drivers, gain a sense of satisfaction and improve their community belonging and sense of purpose.

Program Eligibility

Vulnerable Populations:

We will prioritize members of underserved communities into the program, including people who identify as racialized, LGBTQ2S+, newcomer or refugee, low-income, and/or live with a disability.

Registration is now closed. Use the action buttons to be added to a waitlist. For more information, please contact programs@volunteermbc.org

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