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Service Excellence

Service Excellence

About the course

Amidst rapid change, a Social Purpose Organization's ability to establish a Service Excellence culture will communicate to the frontline how well the organization is staying on top of change. Nurturing a culture of Service Excellence requires an organization-wide approach. To help you with this effort, Volunteer MBC has stepped in and promotes a model called the Service Excellence Blueprint. The aim of this e-learning course, Service Excellence, is to provide participants with The Service Excellence Blueprint as a practical guide to building a culture of excellence in the delivery of programs and services in their social purpose organizations. Whether you are volunteering to give back, to get to know your community, or to respond to urgent needs, you are improving an organization's capacity to deliver essential programs and services.


The course fee is $80. Volunteer MBC Premium and Enterprise Members receive a 20% discount. Click on Register above to get started. Shortly after submitting your registration request, the Learning Centre will provide you with your login details to access the course on our eLearning platform, Vetch.