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It all happens because you care.

Welcome to a place where compassion meets action. Join hands in kindness and in a shared commitment to make a difference. Our caring campaign is a celebration of the profound impact that we all can have on our communities. You are the vital link that strengthens the bonds of support, creating positive change that ripples far beyond. Together, let’s turn compassion into action and show the incredible power of caring. Explore this page for ways to show you care.

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Show how you care as a volunteer.

Get connected with a volunteer opportunity and make a positive difference to your community. Through our extensive family of not-for-profit organizations serving Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon, we have identified a number of volunteer opportunities that can benefit from your helping hands. Create your very own volunteer profile to apply directly and get started.

Discover the power of volunteerism.

Watch this story of a volunteer showing how they care about their community. 

Tell us why and how you care!

We know you care. Now we want to know why! What makes you care about your community? What compels you to get involved? Tell us why you care about volunteering by leaving a comment below.

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Comments (9) on “Volunteer MBC Cares”

  1. I love volunteering at my Scrabble club and I care about it because I think if more people get together and get to know each other, there will be greater connection and cohesion between people. It reduces social isolation and provides a great way to learn and make friends.

  2. I volunteer because I have experienced first-hand the impact on my mental and physical wellbeing after two battles of cancer. If you do good, you feel good!

  3. I love volunteering as it gives me a sense of purpose, connects me with others and I get to learn from the wisdom of our communities.

  4. I volunteer because I love to get involved with the community I live and work in. I believe that fostering human connection and creating an inclusive collaborative environment are an asset to community development and helps create positive change.

  5. Volunteering matters to me because we’re all part of a community that supports each other. We live and grow in our communities. It’s a great life experience to help others. It’s important to give our time to help programs that keep our community strong and thriving.

  6. As a volunteer I believe that my life is richer, improved and more fulfilled. Volunteering improves the lives of others while improving the lives of others….it has certainly improved my life and those of many, many volunteers as well as the many people supported and communities as a whole.

  7. Years ago, as a newcomer to Canada, I embarked on a journey of volunteering with the intention of gaining professional experience and establishing a network in my new home. Little did I know that this decision would soon become a habit, ingrained in the very fabric of my being. The list of benefits that have come from this selfless act is endless.

    What began as an endeavor for personal gain has transformed into something much more profound – an intrinsic desire to contribute positively to society. Volunteering has not only provided me with professional experience but also allowed me to establish meaningful connections while developing essential skills along the way. This journey continues not only because it benefits me but because it allows me to give back selflessly for many more reasons than when I first began.

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