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Endorse the Charter

Endorse the Charter

Why it matters
We believe volunteerism is the lifeblood of a community. Our mission is to promote meaningful volunteerism and foster best practices through learning and development. Numerous community service organizations in Peel rely on volunteers to deliver critical services to vulnerable populations, to protect our environment, and to make better, functional, friendlier and more just communities. However, volunteerism in Peel falls below the national average and with our booming and aging population, we are on the verge of a volunteer crisis. Peel’s senior population is on pace to reach 340,000 by 2031, and with it, the demand on the non-profit sector will increase substantially. We must build a culture of volunteerism to keep up with the rising needs.

Celebrating 10 Years
Volunteer MBC was founded on September 8, 2008. To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we unveiled the Charter of Volunteerism. The Charter is a call to action and a beacon that inspires residents to volunteer and community service organizations to generate and improve available opportunities.

The aim of the Charter is to set some ideals to aspire to, but maintaining a level of realism and tangibility. This means that rather than describing volunteerism and the voluntary sector plainly as we see it now (descriptivism), we have built our vision of a “caring community united by volunteerism” into the essence of the Charter. It gives us as a volunteer centre the ability to recommend best practices (prescriptivism), while recognizing that not every individual or organization is going to view it from the same perspective. Therefore, interaction with the Charter will involve choice, personal reflection and analysis. One principle of the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement is that volunteer involvement is personal, so the Charter’s interactivity celebrates that.

Using the Charter
People will use the Charter through direct and virtual engagement.
Direct Engagement
At community events, people will be able to interact, learn about the Charter and sign it. Organizations that endorse it will receive a small banner version of the Charter. Our team of volunteer Ambassadors attends community events and various hubs to promote volunteerism and will promote the Charter on these occasions.
Virtual Engagement
Anyone can endorse the Charter. Using our online learning management system, Vetch, we will educate people about the Charter. As organizations endorse the Charter, we will recognize them with a virtual badge on our volunteer database, so that prospective volunteers will be able to see that the Organization has adopted the Charter when applying for positions.

Special Thanks
Volunteer MBC would like to thank the Marion Ethel and Frederick John Kamm Foundation for supporting the development of the Charter of Volunteerism. We would also like to thank the Region of Peel for its generous support of our volunteer centre and its work and for being the first Endorsees. We also appreciate the input of our volunteers and community partners on the content and direction of the Charter. We believe this will be a symbol of ongoing importance and can generate the reflection and commitment that is needed to place volunteerism at the forefront of our community building efforts in Peel. Thank you.

Read the Charter