Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you changing your membership model now?

Volunteer MBCís previous membership model was introduced in the early days of the organizationís inception. Since then, our services have grown and adapted, and even our identity and mission have changed, but those were not reflected in the model. How we work, our strengths and the opportunities to help not-for-profit organizations are now more sophisticated, and we want to ensure we have the resources and engagement to support you effectively.

What is new or different about this model?

If you were familiar with the model used up to 2020, here are some notable overall changes:

         We are no longer setting prices based on an organizationís operating budget. We have introduced 4 membership levels.
More info about these Levels can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions below.

         The Levels and their costs are now based on the Advantages you can access. We have added many more Advantages. You can choose the one that's right for you. 
The Advantages is a long list, so we've broken them into 5 categories to make it easier to read.

         A membership is now effective for 1 Year from your sign-up date. For example, if you sign up on January 15, 2021, it will expire on January 15, 2022.
If you join or renew before the end of 2020, it will be active as of January 1, 2021 and expire January 1, 2022.

How does this new model benefit my organization?

The new model offers a host of benefits to your organizations that we call CLEAR Advantages: Connections, Learning, Engagement, Appreciation and Recruitment. Take a look at the membership table. We have added over 30 new benefits that your organization can enjoy.

I see a lot of advantages I didnít know about. Are they new?

We are aiming to provide additional value to your organization through your membership, so weíve added some new advantages, improved others. Now we have put these in writing, so that you can better know the many ways we can help you. We intend to introduce additional advantages later.

How much does Membership cost?

The Membership fees are based upon the Membership Level you select. As seen in the Membership table, per year it is $75 for Subscribers, $180 for Members, $300 for Enterprises, and $1000 for Sustainers. You would pay this fee to complete the sign-up process.

Why is there a change in pricing?

We are aware that the cost of membership may be higher for some members and lower for others depending on how much you were paying under the old model. With this new model, we believe we have managed to keep costs low in consideration of the value and need for the services and inflation. We want to make these services sustainable and better. We know it may not work for everyone and welcome your constructive feedback. We are optimistic that you will find our services more than worthwhile.

What do you mean by Subscriber?

A subscriber is a not-for-profit organization that can access some of our most basic services without committing to becoming a Member. You can still access the Online Volunteer Referral System to post your opportunities. We strongly encourage all Subscribers to upgrade to a Membership when it becomes viable for you to do so, so that you can access a myriad of additional advantages, including support with crafting your positions, and casting a very important Vote at our AGM, giving you a say in how we serve the community for years to come.

What do you mean by Member?

We expect most not-for-profit organizations will benefit by joining at the Member level. It allows the organization to hold a vote at our Annual General Meeting in May, and access a lot of advantages to strengthen your organization in fundamental ways, so that you can succeed.

What do you mean by Enterprise?

The Enterprise level is designed to support organizations that may be larger or have multiple branches or chapters. It allows for multiple users to hold recruitment capabilities. Enterprises are members and can vote at our Annual General Meeting.

What do you mean by Sustainer?

A Sustainer is an individual or business that chooses to support Volunteer MBC more deeply to make an impact. The emergence of Volunteer MBC, Peelís local volunteer centre, was itself a collective impact solution to a growing need to engage the community in meaningful volunteerism. Therefore, Sustainers are carrying that legacy today to ensure Membership is affordable for all not-for-profit organizations. In appreciation for this show of commitment, we strive to recognize and thank our Sustainers in special ways, as seen in the Advantages table.

Can I get a tax receipt as a Sustainer?

We can only issue tax receipts for donations. Therefore, if you sign up as a Sustainer and request a tax receipt, we can provide it but then you would forfeit some of the promotional benefits.

What is the Customized Support Menu?

In addition to the Advantages you can access via Membership, Volunteer MBC offers customized support a-la-carte. Here are some of the ways in which we can support you:

         Facilitating group activities

         Development of your own Learning Management System

         Auditing your volunteer management effectiveness

         Providing advanced volunteer screening and/or matching

We will release the complete Customized Support Menu and its associated costs later in 2021, but if you are interested in any of the above, be sure to reach out to us at [email protected].

What should I do to proceed?

Weíre asking you to complete the 2021 Volunteer MBC Membership Quick Survey to get started. This will help us understand how we can support you and get you connected.