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About the Position
Position: 916 - Mentor (to newcomers for sector specific job search) ['VIRTUAL'/online during the COVID-19 Emergency]
Organization: Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre
Position Address: Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre, Dixie Road, Mississauga, ON, Canada
Location: Mississauga, Virtual
Accessibility: Unknown
Ideal for: Individual, Group, Older Adults
PLEASE NOTE: Until the COVID-19 Emergency comes to an end, weekly mentoring sessions will take place 'VIRTUALLY', using principally DBNC's 'Microsoft Teams' platform. Please see TRAINING, below.)

You (and other retired or established professionals in your network) are welcome any FRIDAY from 1:00PM to 3:00PM, to offer insights and knowledge about your sector, job searching in that sector, hiring practices, local employers, do mock interviews, resume reviews, share soft skills knowledge, etc. to a group of 5 to 10 job seekers (newcomers, Canadians who have been laid off, youth, etc).

DBNC's need for mentors is constant, so you can apply to volunteer right away with confidence! IF you have a volunteer 'profile' with Volunteer MBC, you can immediately access the DBNC online 'volunteer application form' by clicking the yellow box 'Apply Now!' (above/below). It also would be helpful if you would upload your resume to your volunteer 'profile'. Thank you!

Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre's (DBNC) mission is to foster an atmosphere which will encourage our community as a whole to participate in and develop a positive, healthy and caring neighbourhood. We are a leading, proactive, community inspired agency with stable resources. We meet the diverse and changing needs of our individual and family members through community leadership, empowerment, partnerships, development and participation. Staff, volunteers, and neighbours work together to identify and discuss issues and concerns, develop and provide services and programs to meet the needs of the community, and promote community participation.

An ongoing, important program that continues to enjoy great success is DBNC's EMPLOYMENT MENTORSHIP of NEWCOMERS, YOUTH, and in fact anyone who needs reintegration into the labour force, in terms of avenues towards local employment (a 'role' and part of our overall employment services). Your valuable contribution can provide the difference for someone who is seeking to get established in the local community, or re-enter the labour force.

DURING the COVID-19 Emergency, the Friday sessions will be 'VIRTUAL' (conducted online), and DBNC will make available to volunteer mentors our
Microsoft Teams' platform, so that interactive presentations can be made as our way of having this important program continue uninterrupted.

+ Excellent opportunity for experienced professionals to 'give back' by becoming a MENTOR
+ Add to your 'HR' and 'employment counselling' experience (plus, add to your resume)
+ Volunteer with a dynamic, high-profile, and highly respected community service organization
+ This 'role' is an access point for 'networking' within your profession (career), where you can build your 'connectivity'
+ Personal satisfaction as a genuine volunteer facilitator in your local community
+ During COVID-19, use this volunteering opportunity to enhance your skills in navigating 'VIRTUAL' communications technology

Position Qualifications
● You understand the challenges that many experience in gaining meaningful, fulfilling employment, especially those faced by newcomers and youth
● You have the requisite career/professional background/experience that equips you for productive mentorship
● 'Networking' skills are an asset
● You're friendly, engaging, and the kind of 'role model' that our program needs
● Solid oral/written English skills (fluency in additional language(s) is welcome)
● Ready access to the Internet via a reliable PC, laptop (with facility to access 'Microsoft Teams' - we will orient and support you)
● Some 'HR' training/awareness/experience is very helpful
● You're able to abide by the set schedule (see 'Time Commitment', below)
● You can commit to volunteering in this program for AT LEAST 3 MONTHS (preferably 6)

*** Screening of applicant volunteers will be 'virtual' (telephone/email/online - Skype, 'Microsoft Teams', etc.) during the COVID-19 Emergency
Min Age: 25    Police Check: No

Time Commitment
Duration:Medium Term (4 - 6 months)
Start Date:2020-05-12
Friday Afternoon


In view of COVID-19, some advance communications set up will be required, in order to ensure reliable 'virtual' connectivity. Details to be worked out with our mentors.

Orientation to DBNC, our EMPLOYMENT MENTORSHIP program, our 'Microsoft Teams' platform, will be provided 'VIRTUALLY' during the COVID-19 Emergency, prior to your engagement in a Friday session.
We will support you in 'connecting' meaningfully to our clients.

Area(s) of Interest: Culture & Heritage, Career Mentorship, Settlement & Integration, Youth Mentorship, Newcomer Support
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