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About the Position
Position: 2915 - Board of Trustees CHAIR and VICE-CHAIR > Please apply during COVID-19
Organization: Ornaments of Grace and Virtue International Org.
Position Address: During COVID-19, 'VIRTUALLY' from the Board Member's residence
Location: Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Virtual


Ornaments of Grace and Virtue (OGVA) is a not-for-profit, community service organization. We are an organization that is passionate about nurturing, mentoring and empowering girls to become, and remain independent, responsible and productive young women in society. Through nurturing and mentoring, a girl can become independent, responsible, and a leader who influences society in a positive way. OGAV was founded and registered with the Canadian government in 2014 as an international organization with the mission to develop independent, responsible, young girls through character building, mentorship, and acquisition of Knowledge, Skills and Ethics needed to thrive in the 21st century global economy.

At this time, OGVA is actively recruiting volunteers who have a passion to improve the capacity of young women to achieve success. Not only do we seek suitable candidates for Membership on our Board of Trustees, we also fully recognize the essential need for leaders in our community who are capable of leading our Board and the organization. These KEY 'ROLES' are those of the Board Chair and Vice-Chair. Our recruitment also appreciates the importance and value of succession in any Board, in order that the organization continue to be vital, energetic, and functioning 'in real time', mindful of trends and able translate our Vision into a healthy future, especially for young women whom we assist. OGVA invites qualified candidates to take up the challenge of either of these offices! See particulars outlined below. 

As we emerge from COVID-19, the time is now for dedicated leaders to commit to, renew, and actualize OGAV's Vision and Mission. DETAILS below, and OGAV looks forward to your APPLICATION!


CHAIR (of the Board of Trustees)

  • Chief volunteer and the Leader and 'role model' of the organization, its head 'ambassador' within the communities OGAV reaches into
  • Leads the Board and chairs its meetings, collaborating with the Secretary and Chief Executive Officer to schedule meetings and set agendas (incuding 'virtual (video) meetings/conferences', as moderator)
  • Ex officio for all Board committees, working with the Board to appoint committee chairs
  • Self-informed about all aspects of the organization, including working with the Treasurer to be current about the financial affairs of OGAV
  • Works closely with the Chief Executive Officer, who reports to the Board at least monthly
  • Leads the Board in annual and ongoing evaluation of the organization's activities and performance, having regard to its Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan
  • Initiates periodic review and renewal of the Strategic Plan of OGAV
  • Leads OGAV in fundraising activities
  • Fulfills requirements of the office as mandated by our by-laws


  • Assumes the office ideally with the intention of being part of a plan of succession, ultimately holding the office of Chair (with approval of the Board or as prescribed by the by-laws)
  • In the absence of the Chair, acts in his or her place at meetings where the Chair would ordinarily preside
  • Self-informs about the nature, scope, and ongoing activities of the Chair, in order to act in the Chair's place, as needed, and also as preparation for succession
  • Heads a key committee (eg. Strategic Planning, Event Planning, Youth Programming, etc.)
  • A lead 'ambassador' in community outreach and promotion of OGAV's 'brand', plus very active in fundraising

DETAILS about OGAV general Board Membership are within this Volunteer MBC 'posting': Volunteer Opportunities - Report - Volunteer MBC

PLEASE NOTE: Until COVID-19 restrictions are sufficiently eased, the Board's meetings will be conducted REMOTELY, by means of 'virtual' communication and conferencing.

PLEASE APPLY by no later than July 9, 2021. Volunteers with 'profiles' in Volunteer MBC's Referral System should upload a resume, then use the 'Apply Now!' feature (above/below) to send their name/contact information for the 'role' confidentially to OGAV. You may also wish to send an email to Busola Kolade ([email protected]wherein you outline your reasons for your interest in the 'position'. 

SCREENING of Applicants will be remote ('virtual'): Telephone/Email/Online interview(s). After you have applied, please monitor your 'Junk/Spam' email folders and leave space on your voicemail for communications from OGAV.


By engaging with OGAV as CHAIR or VICE-CHAIR, you assume a key Board leadership role in a community service organization that helps young women grow and flourish in your community Excellent opportunity to use/enhance leadership skills/experience (add to your resume) + Showcase your experience/expertise in board governance, focusing on administrative management of a not-for-profit Increase your presence in the Peel region volunteering sector Expand your personal and professional 'network' + Learn about, and proactively address, critical youth issues facing young women right now + Commit your creative energy towards solving challenges Personal satisfaction (and recognition by peers) that you will have made a significant difference as the result of taking on a key leadership role


The following attributes sought by Ornaments of Grace and Virtue apply to both 'roles':

  • You are a proven leader (and 'role model') in your community, likely a professional, and you are a stakeholder recognized for your enterprise, initiative, integrity, and record of achievement
  • Past involvement in the not-for-profit sector is welcome, as is experience in fundraising for worthwhile causes
  • If you have had Board membership experience, that is an asset
  • You're passionate about women's issues, the importance of mentoring youth, education, and the need to promote 'diversity and inclusiveness' in your community, plus you 'walk the talk'
  • An excellent communicator, you're comfortable with public speaking and all forms of 'virtual communication' that is being used during COVID-19
  • As part of your leadership skills, you are capable of meaningful collaboration with others, notably volunteers, plus you are a thoughtful, intelligent delegator and motivator
  • You're prepared to commit without hesitation for your TERM OF OFFICE (MEMBERSHIP) = AT LEAST 1 YEAR, preferably beyond your initial term
  • You're a visionary, who recognizes and values the importance of Board succession, and you're committed to achieve this
  • You have reviewed the 'posting' for general Board Membership (see DESCRIPTION, above) and are able to meet the QUALIFICATIONS outlined therein

See DESCRIPTION, above, for the application procedure.

Min Age: 25   
Police Check: Not required   
Resume: Required   
Driver's Licence: Not required

Time Commitment
This is a Long Term (More than 6 months) commitment AND ending 2021-07-09
Shifts are available Anytime

FLEXIBLE: Members will meet MONTHLY as a Board, and CHAIRS/VICE-CHAIRS may expect to schedule these meetings and set/circulate agendas, as well as attend other meetings (incl. our AGM), depending upon post-COVID-19 community involvement and fundraising projects. Critical to our success and to a Board Member's engagement is consistent attendance and adequate preparation for all activities undertaken.

In these 'roles', you are expected to set the example in terms of OVERALL TIME COMMITMENT to both the Board of Trustees (committees) and to OGAV as a whole. 


Orientation is provided to all incoming Members of the Board. As necessary, TRAINING will be provided for specific tasks/projects, and in reference to our general administration

More Details
Areas of Interest: Fundraising, Office Administration, Legal, Information Technology, Boards & Committees, Finance, Program Coordination, Youth Mentorship
Accessibility: Unknown
Ideal for: Individuals, Older Adults
Apply before: 2021-07-09

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