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About the Position
2914 - Board Secretary > VIRTUAL
Position Address:
Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Virtual


Ornaments of Grace and Virtue (OGVA) is a not-for-profit community service organization. We are an organization that is passionate about nurturing, mentoring, and empowering girls to become, and remain independent, responsible, and productive young women in society. Through nurturing and mentoring, a girl can become independent, responsible, and a leader who influences society in a positive way. OGAV was founded and registered with the Canadian government in 2014 as an international organization with the mission to develop independent, responsible, young girls through character building, mentorship, and acquisition of Knowledge, Skills, and Ethics needed to thrive in the 21st-century global economy.At this time, OGAV is actively recruiting volunteers who have a passion to improve the capacity of young women to achieve success. Suitable candidates for Membership on our Board of Trustees should have a background in community leadership, plus it really is a help if such volunteers can bring specific professional and management skills to the Boardroom. A KEY ROLE on any Board is assumed by the SECRETARY, and OGVA invites qualified candidates to take up the challenge of this office! See the particulars outlined below.As we progress forward, the time is now for dedicated leaders to commit to and actualize OGAV's Vision and Mission. DETAILS are below, and OGAV looks forward to your APPLICATION!



  • Attend/record minutes of every Board meeting, including the AGM
  • Schedule meetings, plus set/coordinate/circulate/manage meeting agendas, including the AGM
  • Be knowledgeable of Board procedures under our by-laws, and commit to ensure that these are followed
  • Administer Board committees in terms of their reporting, paperwork, with general oversight 
  • Collaborate with other executive members/officers of the Board to ensure that the business of OGAV continues to be carried on in a timely and effective manner
  • Ensure that records of the organization, in whatever form, are preserved and stored safely and securely, with a system of limited, appropriate access
  • General administration of 'internal communication' of the organization (keeping Board Members, committee members, staff, and volunteers suitably informed)

SCREENING of Applicants will be virtual.


  • By engaging with OGAV as SECRETARY, you assume a key Board leadership role in a community service organization that helps young women grow and flourish in your community
  • Excellent opportunity to use/enhance leadership skills/experience (add to your resume)
  • Gain experience/expertise in board governance, focusing on administrative management of a not-for-profit
  • Increase your presence in the Peel region volunteering sector
  • Expand your personal and professional 'network' + Learn about, and proactively address, critical youth issues facing young women right now
  • Commit your creative energy towards solving challenges
  • Personal satisfaction (and recognition by peers) that you will have made a significant difference as the result of taking on this important leadership role


  • Business administrative experience is a definite asset for this leadership 'role'
  • As Secretary, familiarity with not-for-profit corporate procedures as regards board meetings and other attendances required by our by-laws and legal statute/regulations
  • Passionate and knowledgeable about challenges facing young women in society, particularly in your local community (ie. Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon), 
  • Able and committed to serve on the Board for a MINIMUM of 1 YEAR (applies to committee volunteering, as well)
  • Reliable access to the Internet and devices/software that is suitable for this 'virtual' role, including video conferencing, etc.
  • Ready to ENGAGE ACTIVELY IN BOARD MEETINGS/PROJECTS and COMMITTEE WORK, working closely with the Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer to schedule meetings and set agendas
  • Collaborative leadership style, with respect for strategic and project planning, and deadlines, plus you can volunteer independently, dependably from your residence

See DESCRIPTION, above, for the application procedure.

Min Age: 25   
Police Check: Not required   
Driver's Licence: Not required   
Proof of Vaccination: Not required

Time Commitment
This is a Long Term (More than 6 months) commitment starting 2023-03-23
Shifts are available Anytime

FLEXIBLE: Members will meet MONTHLY as a Board, and you may expect to schedule these meetings and set/circulate agendas, as well as attend other meetings (incl. our AGM), depending upon community involvement and fundraising projects. Critical to our success and to a Board Member's engagement is consistent attendance and adequate preparation for all activities undertaken. 


Orientation is provided to all incoming Members of the Board. As necessary, TRAINING will be provided for specific tasks/projects, and in reference to our general administration. The incoming Secretary shall be provided with the organization's corporate legal documents (Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, Minute Book, etc.)

More Details
Areas of Interest: Office Administration, Legal, Information Technology, Boards & Committees
Accessibility: Unknown
Ideal for: Individuals, Co-op Placements, Newcomers, Older Adults
Apply before: 2023-04-21

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