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About the Position
Position: 2868 - Volunteer Pen Pal > 'Virtual' > COVID-19 Opportunity!
Organization: Caring and Connecting Pen Pal Initiative
Position Address: Peel Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada, AND from volunteers' homes
Location: Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Virtual


A letter is much more than words, connecting and generating smiles! Participate in the Caring and Connecting Pen Pal Initiative! This initiative works to mitigate the isolation that the elderly are acutely experiencing during the COVID-19 Pandemic, a truly unprecedented time, all while following physical distancing protocols.

Volunteer Pen Pals will compose a letter on their PCs or laptops. This letter will then be emailed to the organizers, and after that the cluster of letters are redirected to the specific homes. They are then printed and delivered to the residents & tenants, a process that alleviates issues of outside objects being introduced into the homes.

Most letters will be one-way letters of kindness, although there is the possibility of two-way correspondence. Open to ALL AGES! Simple to do, with direct, positive impact on seniors' health and wellness!


Spread a word of kindness to seniors across Canada who are experiencing isolation. Volunteer Pen Pals compose a letter of kindness on their computers. Letters should be formatted to Arial, size 16 font, 1.5 paragraph spacing, and left margin aligned. Please avoid indentifiable information (last names, addresses, etc.). Creativity is encouraged (poems, pictures, etc.). You can address the letter "Dear Friend". Please avoid adding a date to the letter. Please save as a WORD document (or Pages file if you don't have WORD) with the file name: [ First Name, Last Initial - Month, Year > .eg 'Jane D - February 2021' ]   If you've written multiple letters in the same month, please indicate the letter number in the file name: [ .eg 'Jane D #2 - February 2021' ].

Please send finished letters to:   [email protected]

Your letter will then be emailed to the Recreational Directors at all of our partnering retirement/long-term care homes across Canada. The letters will be printed by the in-home staff and delivered to the senior residents.

ADD YOUR NAME to our growing list of 'correspondents'! Volunteers with 'profiles' in Volunteer MBC's Referral System can click the yellow box 'Apply Now!' (above/below) to send their name and contact information. If you do not have a 'profile', please create one to gain access to other worthwhile volunteering opportunities that assist seniors and other vulnerable residents in your community. Thank you!


> Imagine being an older adult in lockdown. Not being able to see family and friends makes this time incredibly lonely (and scary!) for senior citizens in retirement homes and long- term care facilities. This long-term isolation can lead to depression and loneliness. Luckily, a word of kindness can go a long way.>> The Caring and Connecting Pen Pal Initiative was created to provide the opportunity for YOU as community helpers to write a letter (or letters!) to the elderly who reside in retirement homes and long-term care facilities. Just think: your one-way letters of kindness can spread kindness to seniors in your local community and beyond!>>> Our volunteers have expressed that this opportunity has greatly impacted them. Being able to share about their own life while bringing happiness to countless seniors across the country has given them a tremendous amount of fulfillment.>>>> The best part? You don’t have to leave your home to participate!

  1. Volunteers should be able to use a computer. If they do not have access to word processing software (eg. Microsoft WORD or Pages), then they can type their letter within the body of an email
  2. Letters can be written in all languages, although most of our recipients speak English
  3. See 'DESCRIPTION', above, for further details about creating and submitting your letter(s)!
  4. Youngsters can participate (see 'Minimum Age'), and we ask for encouragement, assistance, and supervision by an adult
Min Age: 4   
Police Check: Not required   
Resume: Not required   
Driver's Licence: Not required

Time Commitment
This is a Any Duration commitment
Shifts are available Anytime

VERY FLEXIBLE: Send in letters at your own convenience. Time commitment is modest, since letters are mainly one-way.


PROVIDED that you follow the instructions provided in the DESCRIPTION, above, you should be able to get started as a Volunteer Pen Pal. If you have additional questions, you can email: [email protected].

More Details
Areas of Interest: Counselling & Mental Health, Literacy, Senior Support, Multilingual
Accessibility: Unknown, Fully Accessible Workplace
Ideal for: Individuals, Groups, Newcomers, Older Adults

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