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About the Position
Position: 2846 - Volunteer Neighbour Connector
Organization: Heart Comonos (Joshua Creek Church)
Position Address: Cooksville, Mississauga, Ontario AND from the volunteer's home
Location: Mississauga, Virtual


 Heart Comonos (from the Latin 'Together as one') is intended to become a community cultural hub near the downtown core of Mississauga in the Cooksville neighbourhood [ SEE our Facebook 'link' in 'Social Media', and the 'Map', below ]. In the near term, we are initiating numerous community engagement projects with the aim of creating connections among citizens, organizations and associations. Our approach is generally known as ‘Asset-Based Community Development’ with an emphasis on people who may not be as engaged with their community as they ought to be (eg. isolated seniors, residents facing the hardships of COVID-19, the less fortunate, disadvantaged, and vulnerable). 

Our Volunteer Neighbour Connectors will help neighbours connect in Cooksville! Knocking on doors, etc., street-by-street, in apartments, condos, at business locations, or online. It's all about neighbourhoods connecting, listening, learning, messaging, and collaborating together for everyone's well being.

Are YOU a person who's outgoing, ready to reach out to your neighbour easily? And are you a leader, primed to build connections and bridges in Cooksville (Mississauga)? In person? Online? Then, this volunteering 'role' is FOR YOU!


In the 'role' of Volunteer Neighbour Connector, you will be our 'point person', our 'go to' presence in your assigned neighbourhood in Cooksville!

Resposibilities fall into 3 main categories:

  1. Neighbourhood Listener - You're our listener in the neighbourhood assigned, and you listen to residents, receive feedback, canvass points-of-view, needs, and interests. Using our system of the 'Connector Card', you will ask residents for ideas that will benefit the neighbourhood, about pastimes they would enjoy, and skills/gifts that each can provide in order to promote connectivity. Prompting conversation and activities will be interactive, building links and friendships;
  2. Safe Social Connections - You're looking to engage Cooksville neighbours safely and productively, and that means appreciating those residents who are not as fortunate as others and who may be faced with enduring 'social and physical isolation', especially during COVID-19. Not surprisingly, most of this reach out to promote well being will be 'virtual (online), but we anticipate that you'll have help from your neighbours after you set the example!
  3. Belonging through helping your neighbours stay informed - Estabishing 'connectivity' through mutual introductions won't be the end of the story. You'll strengthen early connections by means of updates to neighbours about block or floor happenings, making you neighbours feel included in the life of where they live in Cooksville

Heart Comonos is already underway, and our goal is to assemble a team of Volunteer Neighbour Connectors by March 30, 2021 (application deadline). Please do not hesitate to indicate your interest in contributing your time and talents/skills. Volunteers with a 'profile' in Volunteer MBC's Referral System can 'click' the yellow box 'Apply Now!' (above/below) to send their contact info directly to the Project administrators, and we will contact you. Or, you can contact us directly (see 'How to Contact', below). Thank you for your 'neighbourly interest'!


+ Especially as long as the COVID-19 restrictions last, an excellent means by which you can connect, then stay connected, to your community, while assisting those who are 'socially isolated' and otherwise disadvantaged+ 'Network', build your personal profile, increase your 'connectivity', while learning about Cooksville, its identity and as part of Mississauga+ Join a team of capable staff and dedicated, engaging volunteers to build a more involved, safer, neighbourly Cooksville (create a 'neighbourly vibe'!)+ Reap the personal health and wellness benefits from the 'role', as you promote health and wellness in your community+ This 'role' is made for your volunteer leadership skills and experience, and it can be as multfaceted as your talents and interests are! Yours to define! Yours to fulfill! 

  • You reside and/or work in or nearby Cooksville (Mississauga)
  • Friendly, engaging, you have a passion about your community, ready to help build neighbourhood 'connections', thereby promoting residents' inclusiveness and well being (leaving no one out)
  • Fluency in English, and if you can communicate in other languages as well, that will be most welcome, but not required
  • Able to commit to the 'role' for more than 6 months, plus be faithful to the agreed volunteering weekly/monthly schedule (see 'Time Commitment', below)
  • Reliable access to the Internet, together with devices/software that are appropriate for 'virtual' communication (tel/email/online video conferencing, etc.), as the 'role' for now is 'virtual' (remote)
  • You are a 'team player', with comparable ability to volunteer independently, as there will be both ongoing tasks and specific projects assigned
  • Aware and respectful of COVID-19 health and safety requirements
  • Satisfactory 'Police Vulnerable Sector Check' report required

    SCREENING for this 'role' will be 'virtual' (tel/email/online interviewing). Applicants should monitor their 'Junk/Spam' folders and leave space on voicemail for communications from us about your application.

Min Age: 18   
Police Check: Yes

Time Commitment
This is a Long Term (More than 6 months) commitment starting 2021-02-04 AND ending 2021-10-13
Due Date:2021-03-31
Shifts are available Anytime

FLEXIBLE (with scheduled meetings): One monthly Leadership Team meeting; MINIMUM 3 to 5 hours per week, varying with tasks/projects/initiatives undertaken; attendance at events/promotions

COVID-19 restrictions necessitate that almost all volunteering will be undertaken remotely (by 'virtual' communication)


Orientation to the VISION/MISSION of Heart Comonos

Training will be specific to the 'role', delivered remotely/'virtually', due to COVID-19, unless otherwise advised. You will meet with our Executive Director and Projects Coordinator (online) to review the specifics of the 'role', tasks/projects to be assigned, and your obligations and responsibilities in reference to these and in respect of the 'position' overall

More Details
Areas of Interest: Communication/Journalism, Education & Learning, Fundraising, Seasonal/Special Event, Boards & Committees, Counselling & Mental Health, Event Planning, Life Skills & Accessibility, Marketing/Promotion, Program Coordination, Support Group Facilitation & Therapy, Volunteer Coordination, Multilingual
Accessibility: Unknown
Ideal for: Individuals

How to Contact
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