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About the Position
Position: 2824 - Study Buddy [ PLEASE APPLY - 'Virtual' volunteering opportunity! ]
Organization: Free For All Foundation
Position Address: Foundation Office: 289 Rutherford Road South, Unit 10, Brampton, ON, Canada
Location: Mississauga, Brampton, Virtual
Accessibility: Not Accessible
Ideal for: Individual
The 'Study Buddy' volunteer principally will work with parts of the Ontario elementary & secondary school system that has been converted to 'eLearning' in 'virtual' collaboration with one or more students (eg. a family) that have been assigned, functioning as a tutor/teacher to both aid/reinforce learning and assess progress.

Ideally, sessions online will take place on a weekly basis (no weekends), and a 'Study Buddy' may concentrate on one or more subjects (e.g. English, Math, Science, Language(s), etc.). The sessions are intended to be similar to an actual classroom, bearing in mind that everyone is remote.

PLEASE APPLY IMMEDIATELY, as the program is ACTIVE NOW. Just 'click' the yellow box 'Apply Now!' (above/below). Volunteers who do not have a volunteer 'profile' within Volunteer MBC's Referral System should create a 'profile' and/or go to the FFAF website (see 'Social Media' below for the 'link'). Thank you!

Free for All Foundation (FFAF) is a community based, charitable organization that provides youth, seniors, and their families with a wide range of services and
programs to promote their well-being. FFAF aims to create sustainable, dynamic, and accessible youth programs and opportunities in the Region of Peel to
support young people in becoming successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors to society, and responsible citizens.

Students of all ages are experiencing the 'virtual' classroom, many for the first time, during the COVID-19 Emergency. PHYSICAL 'social distancing' from school does not mean that students are being put to learn without help (assistive teaching), and that's where YOU have a 'role' as a volunteer 'Study Buddy'! Using 'virtual' communications technology, you will aid students to adapt to eLearning through your multi-faceted involvement: tutor/teacher, progress monitor, and in doing so, you will contribute towards your students' continuing educational development and overall health and wellness.


+ Be the key to personalized, successful 'eLearning'
+ Enjoy 'networking' with students and their families
+ Enhance your teaching/tutoring/mentoring skills by volunteering in a 'virtual' environment
+ Gain experience in 'eLearning' and expand the scope of your teaching/tutoring
+ Secondary school students in this 'role' may add to their '40 hours' community service graduation requirement

Position Qualifications
● You are proficient in whatever subject(s) that you choose to teach/tutor
● Prior teaching/tutoring experience is helpful (not required)
● You're passionate about educating youth, eager to gow your teaching/tutoring skills in a challenging 'virtual' environment
● Familiarity with Ontario's educational 'ecurriculum' for whatever grade/level that you wish to volunteer for
● An excellent communicator, you are friendly and conversant in English (fluency in additional language(s) is welcome)
● You possess a device (laptop, PC, tablet) that is commonly used for online 'eLearning', plus you have reliable access to the Internet and are comfortable with using 'virtual meeting' software (Skype, Zoom, etc.)
● You are able to volunteer until your student(s) physically returns to school (after the COVID-19 Emergency ends), according to a mutually arranged schedule

**** SCREENING of applications will be remote ('virtual'), unless otherwise advised (telephone/email/online).

Min Age: 16    Police Check: Yes

Time Commitment
Duration:Medium Term (4 - 6 months)
Due Date:2020-10-30
Monday Afternoon, Monday Evening, Tuesday Afternoon, Tuesday Evening, Wednesday Afternoon, Wednesday Evening, Thursday Afternoon, Thursday Evening, Friday Afternoon
WEEKDAY Afternoons and Evenings
A mutually agreed SCHEDULE will depend on availability and your being matched with students, having regard to their availability and subjects to be taught.

*** Applicants should be prepared to undergo a 'virtual screening' process and any mandatory training.

Area(s) of Interest: Education & Learning, Parent & Child Support, Literacy, Youth Mentorship, Multilingual
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