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About the Position
Position: 2791 - Events Committee Volunteer (PLEASE APPLY during the COVID-19 Emergency)
Organization: Community Foundation of Mississauga
Position Address: Office: 1100 Central Parkway West, Mississauga, ON, Canada AND volunteer's home
Location: Mississauga, Virtual
Accessibility: Unknown
Ideal for: Individual, Group, Newcomers, Older Adults
As a volunteer, you will be participating and using your skills to address/deliver:
- Sponsorship procurement
- Logistics that are appropriate for the event
- Ticket and table sales
- Coordination of marketing efforts
- Administrative tasks need to deliver the event
- Event day set up and dismantle
- Other tasks incidental to delivery of a successful event

APPLICATIONS are being accepted/processed, notwithstanding COVID-19 (UNTIL Friday, August 14, 2020). Volunteers with 'profiles' in Volunteer MBC's 'Referral System' can easily 'click' the yellow box 'Apply Now!' (above/below) to directly register their interest in joining the CFoM 'Events Committee'. Your name/contact information will be sent to the CFofM. 'Screening' of applications will be 'virtual' (telephone/email/online interview(s) - ZOOM), for now. OR you can contact the CFoM directly (see 'How to Contact', below). THANK YOU!

Are you interested in events and looking for an interesting place to volunteer? The Community Foundation of Mississauga (CFoM) is a non-profit organization in need of volunteers to join our Events Committee. You can secure a 'role' with the 'Speakers Breakfast', our 'Golf Tournament' Committee, or, HEY, have you ever wanted to be part of a team that plans and puts on a Gala event?

Some background about CFoM: We are a community-based charitable organization that connects donors to community needs and opportunities. We take the broadest view of what a community is and what it needs to succeed. Our involvement and outreach in Mississauga reflects our VISION (A strong, vital community that has the resources it needs to ensure quality of life for everyone) and MISSION (To create sustainable support for community needs in Mississauga by building partnerships with donors and stakeholders who establish endowed and other related funds, to maximize our community impact by ensuring that we identify and understand community needs, and to invest in solutions).

VOLUNTEERING with the Community Foundation of Mississauga: What's in it for you?
+ 'Networking opportunity', connecting you to others, building self-confidence, skills, and promoting happiness
+ Opportunity to get involved with a high-profile, respected community service organization and make an impact in your own community
+ You will see first-hand how you can enrich the lives of others
+ We offer incentives for successful completion of 'role' assignments
+ Year-end Volunteer Award ceremony, where your important contribution is recognized
+ You are invited to take part in the event you volunteered for, with one ticket to the event valued at $100
+ We provide volunteers with an endorsement/reference letter to form part of their achievement portfolios, augment their resumes, or to be used during job hunting

Position Qualifications
● Applicants are expected to bring to the CFoM a strong sense of commitment and work ethic
● Experience in 'event planning' is welcome (NOT REQUIRED)
● Ability to volunteer as part of our team, plus independently with minimal supervision
● Ready to firmly commit to a volunteer engagement that lasts until the event date, and to assist in 'winding things up' afterward (if you are in that 'role')
● Capable of adhering strictly to planning/meeting schedules, project staging and hard deadlines (incl. mandatory orientation/training)
● Reliable access to the Internet and other 'virtual' means of communication (in view of COVID-19)
● Ready to learn and HAVE FUN!

These roles will require volunteers to work approx. 10 hours per month (hours will vary depending on committee 'role') and join ONE (1) team meeting with the event committee per month, becoming more frequent as the date of the specific event draws near.

Until the COVID-19 Emergency resolves, volunteering will be 'remote' ('virtual' > telephone/email/online, via ZOOM, etc.)
See 'Description', above, in reference to applying and 'screening' of volunteer applicants.
Min Age: 18    Police Check: No

Time Commitment
Duration:Long Term (More than 6 months)
Due Date:2020-08-14
Working together to protect the health and safety of our volunteers and staff during the COVID-19 Emergency is our primary concern. During this time, all meetings will be done remotely and 'virtually' through ZOOM, on the Internet.
There will be at least ONE (1) MEETING each month to convene and monitor the progress of the event planning process, with volunteers also devoting hours independently to complete preparations (tasks/projects) for the event.

1. Volunteer Orientation (2 hours): Date TBD (mandatory for ALL committee volunteers)
2. Hands-on training as needed ('in office' support)

DURING the Covid-19 Emergency, the attendances/support noted above will be 'VIRTUAL' (by telephone/email/online - learning modules/ 'live' sessions), and hopefully we will graduate to 'in person' training/support.

Area(s) of Interest: Communication/Journalism, Education & Learning, Fundraising, Office Administration, Sports & Recreation, Customer Service, Seasonal/Special Event, Boards & Committees, Audio & Visual Production, Event Planning, Finance, Social Media, Graphic/Web Design, Marketing/Promotion, Program Coordination, Research/Evaluation, Volunteer Coordination
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