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About the Position
Position: 2782 - 'Virtual' Vision Mate (including Essential Shopping during the COVID-19 Emergency)
Organization: CNIB Foundation
Position Address: Stores and residences in Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon
Location: Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Virtual
Accessibility: Unknown
Ideal for: Individual, Co-op Placements, Newcomers, Older Adults
[ PLEASE NOTE: The need for volunteers to fill this 'role' is IMMEDIATE. Screening of applications and training will be 'virtual', and the tasks to be undertaken will place the volunteer's health and safety foremost, as COVID-19 Emergency distancing and other protocols will be strictly observed. ]

This 'role' is a combination of 'check in' and 'shopping', and core tasks are:
- Establish a reliable means of contact with Foundation client(s) (typically, by telephone, with other accesses possible)
- Regular contact will be for the purpose of offsetting the 'social isolation' of the client, a health and wellness 'check in', and for the purpose of acquiring a 'shopping list'
- Volunteers are expected to shop weekly (tracking item/receipts/expenses), and establish a possibly more frequent 'check in' routine
- Volunteers report weekly to supervisors (particularly if there are concerns about the client), and biweekly, shopping expense reports will be submitted and processed
- Deliveries of 'essentials' to the client will involve adherence to physical distancing rules (ie. to the client's doorstep, not inside the residence)

>>> PLEASE APPLY IMMEDIATELY (deadline August 3, 2020). If you have created a 'profile' with Volunteer MBC, you can 'click' the yellow box 'Apply Now!' to gain immediate access to the 'CNIB Volunteer Interest Form' (online application) for this and other 'positions'. Complete it and 'click' Submit. You also will be put on the CNIB list of volunteer applicants for this 'position'.

In spite of the physical distancing necessitated by COVID-19, the CNIB Foundation continues to find ways to meet the needs of its clients, and in meeting even basic needs, we enlist a team of dedicated volunteers to help us ensure that the well being of our clients are maintained during the Emergency.

We have initiated an 'essential shopping' program that has mobile volunteers buying the necessities for our clients, as we support those in the community who are in a vulnerable position, due to increased isolation.

As a 'Virtual Vision Mate', you will volunteer to help one or more Foundation clients in several key aspects (see 'Description', above).

+ By responding to the COVID-19 Emergency in this 'role', you will make the life of a vision impaired person better during a period of critical need
+ You will minimize 'social isolation', plus meet essential needs
+ Be part of a dedicated and passionate staff and volunteer team working together to further CNIB's mission
+ Upon successful completion of a 2 month volunteer engagement, Reference Letter and/or confirmation of hours will be available upon request
+ Personal satisfaction that you have done your part in your local community during COVID-19

Position Qualifications
● Friendly, empathetic, and patient, plus sensitive to the needs of others (you will be communicating by telephone, mainly)
● Solid oral/written English (fluency in an additional language is always welcome)
● Able to be part of volunteer screening and training 'virtually' (ie. telephone/email/online - Skype, Zoom, etc.)
● Mobile (preferably access to a reliable, insured vehicle) so as to be able to shop at local stores for 'essentials' (able to follow a 'list' and be responsible with money/pricing/expenses)
● Comfortable volunteering independently, plus keeping to a schedule for at least 2 MONTHS
● Able to strictly adhere to COVID-19 Emergency 'social distancing' rules and procedures, prescribed by federal, provincial, and municipal authorities
● Committed to respect the privacy of our clients and abide by CNIB Foundation's 'Code of Conduct', practices and procedures

*** Screening of applicants for this 'role' will be 'virtual' (Telephone/email/online - Skype, etc.)
Level 2: Application form, with ONE (1) character reference (see 'Description', above), interview, orientation, 'Code of Conduct', self-declaration

Min Age: 18    Police Check: No

Time Commitment
Duration:Short Term (3 months or less)
Due Date:2020-08-03
Start Date:2020-06-03
End Date:2020-08-03
FLEXIBLE: At least ONE DAY PER WEEK, ideally more frequent, shopping during daylight hours (to be arranged with client(s), having regard to program guidelines)

'Virtual' - Orientation to the CNIB, plus training specific to the 'role' (to be arranged)
Supervisor is always available for ongoing support and training.

Area(s) of Interest: Customer Service, Healthcare, Life Skills & Accessibility, Senior Support
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