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About the Position
Position: 2634 - Volunteer 'Social media' Administrator [Please do not hesitate to APPLY during the COVID-19 Emergency]
Organization: Independent Business Specialty Group of the Registered Practical Nurses Association
Position Address: Your home within Peel region
Location: Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Virtual
Accessibility: Unknown
Ideal for: Individual, Co-op Placements
This role involves VIRTUAL 'social media' administration (and adding to and maintaining educational materials and other content on our website and 'social media' platform(s) as needed). In collaboration with our President, and from time to time with other Executive members, you will enjoy being able to volunteer VIRTUALLY in a location convenient to you (your home), while applying your technical knowledge (and marketing savvy) for the benefit of or nursing professional members and the public at large.

The 'role' is essentially VIRTUAL, so COVID-19 Emergency restrictions do not constitute an obstacle to your participation and ongoing assistance/contribution.

Our 'Social Media' Administrator' will employ knowledgeable IT administrative/management skills and give us constructive suggestions on making our website and other Internet accesses attractive and 'leading edge', while actively engaging in 'hands on' administration to keep these current and a beacon for our profession and the public.

When APPLYING as a Volunteer MBC client, PLEASE UPLOAD your resume to your 'volunteer profile', You are invited to provide examples of your contributions and accomplishments in administering 'social media' platforms. Thank you.

Independent Business Specialty Interest Group (IBSIG) of the Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario (RPNAO) and its members strive to build a 'gold standard' of nursing practice in their individual (and non-traditional) nursing-based businesses through education and collaboration among themselves and as a public service.

We encourage you to visit our website to learn more about IBSIG: Please go to the live 'link' for our WEBSITE in 'Social Media', below.

We require a Volunteer with 'social media' (and marketing) savvy, who will further develop our community presence by skillful, careful platform management, plus imparting concise, interesting, and educational information to our members (improve our accessibility) via our website, Facebook, and other Internet platforms (eg. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). We envisage our volunteer Administrator collaborating with our President and Executive members as needed, to bring a professional and polished image of our group to both our nurse members and the public. Help IBSIG improve how we present ourselves VIRTUALLY, as you make additions to our website and further develop our presence on Facebook and elsewhere, with constructive suggestions based on your experience and know-how.

This is an exceptional opportunity for the right candidate, who is passionate about excellence in superior communication within a dynamic, trending organization, plus capable of powerful promotion of our vision and mission ('brand') in the public domain. Find out more about IBSIG by accessing our website (see 'Social Media', below).

+ Excellent opportunity to use your training/knowledge/expertise to develop our Facebook presence (and elsewhere), showcasing nurses working in non-traditional nursing roles (who run their own businesses), as a start
+ Learn from our group how to apply ideas for starting and running a business and applying your accumulated knowledge, skill-sets and experience to future personal opportunities while making a difference
+ In terms of career development, gain experience in working with 'EntrepreNURSES' [trademark registered] who are health professionals in non-traditional nursing roles running their own business (add to your resume)
+ Recognition and references in the establishment of a quality, influential presence of a not-for-profit on 'social media'
+ Invest your knowledge and creativity as a volunteer, knowing that you will be making a huge difference in the quality and professionalism of our special interest group, as we help the public by providing specialty health services in their lives.

Position Qualifications
+ Excellent oral/written English skills
+ Thorough knowledge of current 'social media' (especially Facebook), with capability to ADMINISTER (manage) various platforms, plus translate our vision/mission into a dynamic, influential 'message' in the public domain
+ Role involves adding to and maintaining educational materials and content on our website and 'social media' platform as needed
+ Proficient in computer software 'apps' typically associated with 'social media'
+ Creative, innovative, and equally capable of attention to detail
+ Collaborative, receptive to the needs of the organization
+ Organized, self-starter, committed to completion of tasks (projects) within prescribed deadlines

IF you have a portfolio of your involvement in 'social media', that would be very helpful (not required).

Min Age: 18    Police Check: No

Time Commitment
Duration:Long Term (More than 6 months)
Start Date:2019-10-14
FLEXIBLE: Volunteering activity will be principally project-oriented, with ongoing admin/maintenance of 'social media', much of this by means of home-based. VIRTUAL volunteering. The 'Social Media/Marketing Volunteer' will have periodic telephone conferences with our staff, meeting in person as the need arises (the latter AFTER the COVID-19 Emergency has resolved).

Orientation about IBSIG (our vision/mission) will be provided VIRTUALLY to successful volunteer applicants.

Area(s) of Interest: Communication/Journalism, Education & Learning, Information Technology, Social Media, Graphic/Web Design, Healthcare, Marketing/Promotion, Research/Evaluation
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