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About the Position
Position: 2209 - Volunteer Social Media Specialist [Please APPLY during the COVID-19 Emergency]
Organization: Connect 4 Life
Position Address: OFFICE: 880 Dundas Street West, Suite 505, Mississauga, ON, Canada + FROM YOUR HOME
Location: Mississauga, Brampton, Virtual
Accessibility: Fully Accessible Workplace
Ideal for: Individual, Co-op Placements, Older Adults
The 'role' focuses on all aspects of 'social media':
- Implementation of all 'social media' strategies and activities for 'Connect 4 Life' and 'Voices 4 Ability'
- Daily engagement on all 'social platforms' (eg. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
- Effective, continuous interface between those platforms and our website
- Update of our website, as required, to keep it current plus leading edge
- Building a strong presence of 'Connect 4 Life' and 'Voices 4 Ability' on GOOGLE, including use of SEO strategies, 'triggers', and other 'attracts' in order to raise and sustain visibility and connectivity
- Anticipation and management of 'social media' trends and changes in 'platform' features for the purpose of increasing the presence, impact, and attraction of our organizations on the Internet
- Increase 'following' of our organization and its core programs on the various 'platforms'
- Collaboration with the organization's leaders, the 'Volunteer Sales & Marketing Director' and other complementary 'roles' in achieving ongoing and specific objectives of the 'position' and organization's programs

PLEASE APPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, as we are looking to fill this 'position' by May 31, 2020. IF you have a volunteer 'profile' through Volunteer MBC, please attach your resume to your 'profile', then click the yellow box 'Apply Now!' (above/below) to indicate your interest in exploring this 'role' with Connect 4 Life. In view of COVID-19, screening of applications will be 'VIRTUAL' (telephone/email/online interviews). Thank you!

'Connect 4 Life' is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in the Region of Peel (Province of Ontario). Its mission is, "To enhance the potential of individuals with disabilities by strengthening their independence and contributions to society; and to promote positive social change by transforming public perception."

The 'Volunteer Social Media Specialist' will implement and manage all 'social media' strategies and activities for 'Connect 4 Life' and for 'Voices 4 Ability'.

+ Excellent opportunity to use your training/skills/experience in 'social media', plus participate in reorientation towards 'virtual' delivery of community programming
+ Build upon your skills and experience (enhance your resume)
+ Develop and augment your 'networking' within the volunteer and other communities
+ Personal satisfaction in being an important part of the mission of 'Connect 4 Life' and 'Voices 4 Ability'

Position Qualifications
● Experience in 'social media' (see 'Description' above)
● Experience in media relations
● Excellent ENGLISH communication, with complementary interpersonal, skills
● Capacity to adapt our 'social media' to changes in communication strategies necessitated by COVID-19
● Ability to write quality content suited to various types of 'social media' (incl. correspondence and promotional material)
● Ability to adhere to project and other deadlines
● Strong attention to detail
● Appreciation for, and commitment to, diversity and inclusiveness of our communities
● Passion for leadership in the communities and for the people we serve

*** SCREENING of APPLICATIONS, in view of the COVID-19 Emergency, will be 'virtual' (telephone/email/online interviews).

Min Age: 18    Police Check: No

Time Commitment
Duration:Long Term (More than 6 months)
Due Date:2020-05-31
Start Date:2020-06-01
Monday Morning, Monday Afternoon, Monday Evening, Tuesday Morning, Tuesday Afternoon, Tuesday Evening, Wednesday Morning, Wednesday Afternoon, Wednesday Evening, Thursday Morning, Thursday Afternoon, Thursday Evening, Friday Morning, Friday Afternoon, Friday Evening, Saturday Morning, Saturday Afternoon, Saturday Evening, Sunday Morning, Sunday Afternoon, Sunday Evening, Anytime
FLEXIBLE: Anticipate 5 - 25 hours per month
(Number of hours will vary, in keeping with the needs and requirements of the 'position')

Orientation about 'Connect 4 Life' and 'Voices 4 Ability' and the 'position' will be provided to the successful applicant.

Area(s) of Interest: Communication/Journalism, Fundraising, Customer Service, Information Technology, Social Media, Graphic/Web Design, Life Skills & Accessibility, Marketing/Promotion, Research/Evaluation
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