Diversity Corner - In Peel’s ‘Backyard’ and Beyond

Volunteer MBC is proud to be on the leading edge with 46 other visionary not-for-profit organizations as a member of the Regional Diversity Roundtable (RDR), a body that serves human services stakeholders in Peel region in an effort to institutionalize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as part of our cultural mosaic..

We share and echo RDR’s aim: Create a healthy, harmonious, and thriving community through implementation of DEI strategies.

Both RDR and Volunteer MBC continue to be proactive in engaging stakeholders corporately and personally by way of a ‘call to action’ (for Volunteer MBC, the Charter of Volunteerism), which for RDR includes its annual conference, its Building DEI in Leadership Project (a 4 module training program), and the excellent Tough Questions Café.

As a pioneering initiative, Volunteer MBC is putting its Volvable – Access Potential project into high gear this Spring, a program designed to expand the conversation of diversity and inclusiveness in Peel region through exploration, education, and animation that focuses upon volunteers with disabilities. A major component of the project is supporting non-profit organizations with training to enhance their inclusion practices.

Being a member of RDR, Volunteer MBC examines its own internal DEI practices, too. A representative for Volunteer MBC on the Roundtable brings back learnings for us to update our own DEI.