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Are you going to high school? Are you passionate about creating a positive change in your community? Do you see an area of need in the community to uplift the quality of life for youth? Do you have a social project idea and are looking for a place to bring it to life? Or, would you simply like to be engaged in the community? Welcome to Youth LEaD. This is a training program designed to give high school youth the relevant skills they need to make a difference in their community. By bringing the theorerical and practical together, youth can learn both what to do and why to do it that way. We use best practices from the voluntary sector to educate students. This training has is delivered on-demand. When organizations, students, teachers or youth groups request the training, we endeavour to bring it to them.

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Youth LEaD is taught in 4 modules that can be designed as 6 or 8 unique workshops. Youth LEaD always includes hands-on learning and caring component when it culminates in a unique community service project produced by these future leaders.

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