StepUp Youth Volunteer Ambassadors

A sense of purpose

Volunteer MBC’s mission is to “promote meaningful volunteerism and foster best practices through learning and development.” StepUp Ambassadors contribute to this mission by working towards increasing the overall volunteer pool in the region. We learn about community needs and available volunteer opportunities. We build and develop our skills, and put them into action by organizing and participating in volunteer initiatives. We spread the word about volunteerism in a way that makes it more accessible to the community.

Our Ambassadors

believe in the program

Being part of StepUp as a Youth Advisor gave me the opportunity to become a better mentor and partner to the amazing youth ambassadors. Thank you StepUp and Volunteer MBC for this opportunity!

Sajamol Matthew

StepUp is an organization that gave me the platform to inspire change and growth in the community. The leaders of tomorrow are given the opportunity to make a difference now.

Abhay Kaushik

Volunteer MBC helped me to grow as a person. I learned to communicate in a professional environment. I learned how to lead a group of people. I learned that it is important to care. I learned that volunteering, when done with the right intentions, can change people’s lives for the better.

Abdullah Ishaque


Community Outreach

Ambassadors show others the power of volunteerism and provide guidance on how to get involved.

Project Development

Ambassadors launch their own projects with training on how to make them inclusive and effective.

Group Volunteering

Ambassadors go out in teams to fill meaningful volunteer roles that give back to the community.

Event Coordination

Ambassadors create youth-friendly volunteer events that have a positive impact on the community.

System Mapping

Ambassadors figure out the needs that exist in the community and the resources available to meet them.


Ambassadors provide peer-to-peer mentorship to each other and show less experienced members how to contribute.

The ripple effect

StepUp aims to grow the volunteer pool. We’re about inclusivity, not exclusivity, and therefore we’re always in need of new Ambassadors. As a StepUp Ambassador, you’ll gain the knowhow to make a difference in your neighbourhood. We recruit new members on an ongoing basis.

There are many volunteer opportunities in Peel and yet many organizations struggle to fill them. Volunteer MBC leverages the human power of the StepUp Ambassadors to spread the word about meaningful volunteerism. Not only do we promote active volunteer postings, but we also engage people at levels of public life to help us wave the banner of volunteerism. As we help people understand the value of their time, they in turn can make a more positive impact on our community.

Practical skills

Becoming an Ambassador is a process that builds your skills in social awareness, project management, communication, community development and civic engagement. Our General Meetings provide opportunities for training and teamwork, and then we fan out to conduct outreach in our schools and neighbourhoods. If you are looking to enhance your leadership skills, you can apply for a position on our Executive Team or one of our committees. Many StepUp Ambassadors leverage their experience when applying to post-secondary studies, scholarships and job opportunities.

Take your first Step

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