A sense of purpose

Volunteer MBC’s mission is to “promote meaningful volunteerism and foster best practices through learning and development.” Our Ambassadors contribute to this mission by working towards increasing the overall volunteer pool in the region. We learn about community needs and available volunteer opportunities. We find out about the various initiatives going on in the community and we spread the word about volunteerism in a way that makes it more accessible to everyone.

The ripple effect

OVATION aims to grow the volunteer pool. We’re about inclusivity, not exclusivity, and therefore we’re always in need of new Ambassadors. As an Ambassador, you’ll gain the knowhow to make a difference in your neighbourhood. We recruit new members on an ongoing basis. You’ll meet other adults and learn about the interesting things they’re doing. 

There are many volunteer opportunities in Peel and yet many organizations struggle to fill them. Volunteer MBC leverages the human power of OVATION Ambassadors to spread the word about meaningful volunteerism. Not only do we promote active volunteer postings, but we also engage people at levels of public life to help us wave the banner of volunteerism. As we help people understand the value of their time, they in turn can make a more positive impact on our community.

Make the most of your time

We know time is limited. Through OVATION, we extend our community impact by working smarter, not longer. By recruiting new volunteers, we reduce the time commitment that we each need to put in to build a thriving community.

Becoming an Ambassador is a process that builds your skills in social awareness, project management, communication, community development and civic engagement. OVATION Meetings provide opportunities for training and teamwork, and then we conduct outreach within our own personal, professional and social spheres. If you are looking to enhance your leadership skills, you can apply for a position on our Executive Team or one of our committees. This is a great way to build a base of community knowledge.

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