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What is InVert?

InVert is an initiative that aims to restore youth’s sense of agency by training them and allowing them to explore volunteerism on topics they are interested in. This program will foster the professional and personal development of youth aged 14 to 18 through enhancing their knowledge and skills on teamwork, leadership, project management, volunteer engagement, marketing and communications, volunteer engagement, career planning and personal preparedness. The program consists of 20 hours of training on these topics, 80 hours of volunteer engagement and 20 hours of follow-up.

Why Should I Participate? (Youth)

Youth, especially those from racialized and under-served communities, will get the opportunity to regain agency and sense of control, following the adverse impact and disruptions from COVID-19. This initiative will allow youth to enhance their volunteer management practices, increase their volunteer engagement and support the development of personal and professional networks through socialization, teamwork and mentorship. 

Why Should We Participate? (Youth-led Groups)

Volunteer MBC have heard directly from youth-led organizations regarding the need for recruiting youth volunteers in community service projects. This initiative aims to address the problems organizations are facing regarding the struggle to develop meaningful youth intervention. Not only will organizations gain volunteers, but they will have a hand in training and mentoring the youth to become skilled and experienced.


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