What is InVert?

InVert is an initiative that aims to restore youth’s sense of agency by training them and allowing them to explore volunteerism on social causes they are interested in. This program will foster the professional and personal development of youth aged 15 to 30 through enhancing their knowledge and skills on various topics and community service engagement.

The program consists of training facilitated by industry experts in November 2023 on the following topics: Introduction to Volunteering, Personal Branding, Leadership Coaching, Equity & Inclusion, Mental Health, Emergency Preparedness, Marketing Fundamentals and Introduction to Project Management. 

Next, youth participants will apply to volunteer opportunities through our referral service, where they will engage in community service from December 2023 to March 2024. They will also have opportunities to engage in micro-volunteering, group volunteering, and attend community events. 

Lastly, the follow-up will include participants documenting their experience on an online Volunteer Portfolio, participating in a Virtual Volunteer Expo event, completing a post-program survey and receiving a Certificate of Completion

Why should I participate?

Youth participants

We aim to encourage youth to commit to the spirit of volunteerism by recognizing their inherent potential as agents of change and nourish them with the support they need to become empowered community members. Youth participants, especially those from racialized and under-served communities, will get the opportunity to regain agency and sense of control, following the adverse impact and disruptions from COVID-19.

Youth-led organizations

Volunteer MBC has heard directly from youth-led organizations regarding the need for recruiting young volunteers in community service projects. This initiative aims to address the problems organizations are facing regarding the struggle to develop meaningful youth intervention. Youth organizations will receive support from Volunteer MBC in Volunteer Engagement. We will promote their volunteer opportunities, events, programs on our website and socials, connect them with other organizations and partner on youth-centric projects. The organizations will be expected to participate in at least 1 youth expo per year.

Supported by

InVert is funded by the Government of Canada under the Canada Service Corps.


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