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Our Purpose

To connect the community.
To improve lives through volunteerism.
We fuel purposeful connections between people to respond to the most pressing social issues.
What We Do
Connect and Contribute
  • Connect people to the causes that need them
  • Enable improved volunteer recruitment and engagement
Inform and Inspire
  • Raise awareness of community needs and assets
  • Recognize excellence to give thanks and encourage others
Educate and Enhance
  • Train staff and volunteers to be more effective and efficient
  • Bring organizations together to share resources and collaborate
Assemble and Activate
  • Develop inclusive community-led service initiatives
  • Implement collective action among, youth, seniors, newcomers
Why We Exist
Imagine a world without volunteers; one where local
not-for-profit organizations could not function;
where the most vulnerable would be the most adversely affected. We would lack purpose and connection.
We would be fragments instead of a community.

Therefore, we exist to nurture hearts that feel. To train ourselves to carry heavier burdens and lift them off the shoulders of others. To instil gratitude and humility. To join hands in support, service, and solidarity.

We exist for all of us, past, present, and future.
We are Volunteer MBC. We care.