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LEARN > Course: Orientation to Volunteerism

Course: Orientation to Volunteerism

Course - Orientation to Volunteerism

Orientation to Volunteerism

Whether you are volunteering to give back to the community, to be engaged in the community, or responding to an urgent need; whatever the reason maybe, you are building the capacity to deliver essential programs and services for the community.

This orientation to volunteerism, is designed for you to have a thorough understanding of what it means to volunteer in Canada, and how you play an important role that will make your community a better place for everyone.

The orientation is separated into 4 main chapters.

  1. Introduction to Volunteerism in Canada,

  2. Making an impact through volunteering,

  3. How to get involved with volunteer work, 

  4. General tips of engagement when you are volunteering.

Thanks to our generous supporters, this online course is offered free on an ongoing basis via our e-learning platform, Vetch.

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Wise Words

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention." 
--Oscar Wilde