Mask Marvels

Whether it's essential workers, organizations reopening, or volunteers like you, the requirement for masks is increasing in our community. It's an important public health strategy for the time being. Volunteer MBC has received many requests and our community is stepping up. So, we reached out to the community and found many helpful people:

  • People who have a sewing machine/sewing experience to manufacture masks at home
  • People who were already producing masks that had extras to give to places where it's most needed
  • People who could donate material, e.g. clean cotton fabric, sheets, elastic, thread, etc.




Mask Marvels are volunteers who have stepped up in our community during this time of crisis to help people who really need it by producing safe homemade masks. Volunteer MBC collects these masks and distributes them to where they are most needed through its member organizations. Thanks to Mask Marvels, we've put masked guests at shelters, food banks and care centres. We're focused on masking the most vulnerable people in our community.