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About the event

About the nominations


When is the V-Oscars?

The V-Oscars will be on Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 6PM.

What happens at the V-Oscars?

The V-Oscars is a fun event for all. There’s entertainment, dinner, special guests, an auction and of course, the presentation of our award nominees and winners!

How much do tickets cost?

The V-Oscars is held in honour of volunteers.
Individuals nominated for a V-Oscar, be they volunteers or leaders of volunteers, each receive 1 free non-transferrable ticket to the V-Oscars. If a youth group or corporate group is nominated, the group’s representative receives 1 free non-transferrable ticket to the V-Oscars. If a family is nominated, the family receives 2 free non-transferrable ticket to the V-Oscars.
Everyone else is asked to find ticket prices here on the V-Oscars ticketing page where current prices are listed. This helps us afford to put on this amazing event in honour of the volunteers.

What is the dress code for the V-Oscars?

The V-Oscars is a glamourous event in the style of those fancy award galas you see on tv, except ours is held in honour of volunteers! However, we do not impose dress codes and invite you to dress however you are most comfortable. Most attendees usually dress in a formal or semiformal way. Keep in mind, media are invited to attend the event and many photos and videos are captured. Just be the best version of yourself!

When will the award recipients be known?

Award recipients will remain secret except to the Judging Committee until the V-Oscars.
The decisions of the Judging Committee are final.

When does the nomination period begin and end?

Volunteer MBC Member Organizations submit nominations to be considered by the Judging Committee. The nomination period will begin February 1 and close on March 16, 2019. Accepted nominations will receive a validation from the Awards Clerk. The deadline for all nominations is Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 11:59pm ET.
All nominations received after this date will not be considered for recognition this year. Purchase your V-Oscars tickets and join us to honour the nominees!

Who can submit a nomination?

Nominations can ONLY be made by Volunteer MBC Member Organizations in good standing who provide service in Peel, or by any of the staff or Board of Directors of Volunteer MBC. To learn more about membership, CLICK HERE. To renew your organuzation’s membership, CONTACT US.
Volunteers cannot submit nominations, but they can download this Nomination Nudge to encourage their organizations to join Volunteer MBC and nominate them.

Who will inform the Nominee?

Nominator must obtain the consent of the Nominee prior to submission.
Nominations cannot be amended after submission.
After the nomination is validated by the Awards Clerk, the Nominator and Nominee will be notified by email.
Nominations that are incomplete or do not comply with these guidelines may be disqualified. Volunteer MBC takes no responsibility for incomplete, inaccurate, lost or late nominations.

How does my organization submit a nomination?

See the award categories and links to nominations forms at

How many nominations can my organization submit?

Each organization may submit 1 nomination for each of the following Award Categories:

  • Family Voluntree Award (family)
  • Youth LEaD by Example Award (youth group)
  • Leader in Volunteer Engagement Award (volunteer engagement professional)
  • Corporate Volunteer Engagement – Mississauga (business)
  • Corporate Volunteer Engagement – Brampton (business)
  • Corporate Volunteer Engagement – Caledon (business)
  • Helping Hands – Mississauga (volunteer)
  • Helping Hands – Brampton (volunteer)
  • Helping Hands – Caledon (volunteer)
  • Leader of Tomorrow Award (volunteer)
  • Newcomer Gem Award (volunteer)
  • John Huether Award for Volunteering Excellence (volunteer)
  • Bonnie Yagar Award for Community Engagement Leadership (volunteer board member)
  • Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award (volunteer)

How will the nomination be used?

By submitting the nomination form, each Nominator and Nominee consents to participating in the awards program and in the nomination process and consents to the use of the Nominee’s name, photograph and nomination material in any awards-related promotion or publicity carried out by Volunteer MBC. Nominations and all supporting materials become the property of Volunteer MBC. We invite media and celebrate the volunteers through our web and social media promotion throughout the year to inspire others.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, personal information about Nominators and Nominees is collected for the sole purpose of administering the Volunteer MBC Volunteer Recognition Awards Program. It will be used to select and publicize the achievements of the recipients.

What if my organization wants to nominate but my volunteer cannot attend?

By submitting the nomination form, each Nominee agrees to participate in all awards-related activities and functions as appropriate, including “The V-Oscars” Volunteer Recognition Awards Gala, which will be held on Thursday, April 11, 2019. We encourage you to submit nominations for volunteers who are available to enjoy the special occasion.]

I’ve been nominated, but I can’t attend. Can I give my ticket to someone else?

No. Nominees are each honoured with a free ticket to the V-Oscars, but these tickets are non-transferrable because the event is held in honour of the volunteers. If you cannot attend and you are selected as the award winner, Volunteer MBC will accept the award on your behalf and you can arrange to retrieve your V-Oscar afterwards.