Employee Volunteering

Employee Volunteering

Bring your staff together by serving the greater good.

Employee volunteering

Employee leaves handprint in paint to make beautiful artistic tree on wall

Employer-supported volunteering is a means of giving back to your community. It instills a strong sense of purpose in the staff, fosters team unity, and shows that you really care. Volunteer MBC can link your employees to volunteer opportunities in the community, with your encouragement and support. We thank you for supporting your employees’ personal and professional growth, while they strengthen their community engagement.

We can help provide your employees with a positive volunteer experience.

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In the past, we tried to do this ourselves and it ended up being forgettable for our staff and not so beneficial for the community, but with Volunteer MBC’s support, our staff had a meaningful experience doing something truly special that addressed community needs.



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If you’re comfortable exploring our database yourself, then browse for positions, create a profile and apply.



We review and recommend up to three volunteer opportunities. Once accepted, we will facilitate an introductory meeting between you and our community service organization member.

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With this level of support, we can develop an employee volunteer opportunity that meets your unique needs.

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