Celebrate National Volunteer Week, in Volunteer MBC Style!

Celebrate National Volunteer Week, in Volunteer MBC Style!

For those new to volunteering and treasured veterans, April 15 to 21, 2018, will be a week for celebration of Canada’s annual National Volunteer Week, ‘From Sea to Sea’.

Volunteer MBC wholly supports the 2018 theme for National Volunteer Week: Celebrate the Value of Volunteering – building confidence, competence, connections and community. Wonderful goals, to be sure, but for a volunteer, is this all there is?

No. What’s been left out? Are you able to guess?

Recognition! Modest as Canadians tend to be about themselves, let’s admit to ourselves that being ‘singled out’ for doing good deeds is a very positive, pleasing gesture. When this happens, we feel happy, occasionally surprised, and in the world of volunteering validated in terms of our roles, contributions, and personal accomplishments. And there’s such an expression of mutual good will when we’re afforded volunteer recognition that almost inevitably volunteers are brought closer. We strengthen our bonds with our co-volunteers and with the organization and the mission that has brought us together.

Granted, there are different types and varying degrees of ‘recognition’. A spectrum that has ‘acknowledgement’ at one end, with ‘honour/awards’ at the other. The organization that you volunteer for knows that its volunteers value caring and courtesy by everyone on a day-to-day basis. Compliments are well-earned, genuine and sincere. Two other words come to mind: morale and momentum. Keeping things positive is indeed productive, and recognition is no small part of generating a positive attitude geared to success.

Since 2010, Volunteer MBC has highlighted Canada’s National Volunteer Week with its volunteer recognition awards, an occasion to honour extraordinary volunteers in Peel region with awards in a variety of categories, certainly the occasion for extra special recognition at an extra special Gala (this year – April 19th). Volunteer MBC is not shy about holding this annual celebration, and the Gala first and foremost is about volunteers, their recognition in a big way, with the added advantage of connecting with other volunteers and not-for-profits for absolutely all the right reasons.

There’s no need to be shy about being part of an evening of deserved self-recognition. Not at all. Borrowing a line from a famous commercial, “You’re WORTH IT!” Details, including tickets? Right HERE.