Achieve Ontario

Achieve Ontario


What is an Achieve Certificate?

An Achieve Certificate is a document that is issued to volunteers to recognize skills demonstrated during their volunteer experiences.

Related volunteer hours, activities performed, special achievements or training obtained and comments from volunteers’ supervisors are also included on an Achieve Certificate.

Skills listed on the Achieve Certificate are informed by the National Occupation Classification Code. The double-sided document measures 8.5” x 11”.

What is Achieve Ontario?

Achieve Ontario is a Volunteer Experience Recognition Program that supports capacity-building for the voluntary sector in Ontario through standardized volunteer recognition practices.

A set of online proprietary tools, Achieve Ontario is used to prepare personalized, official Achieve Certificates that recognize volunteers for their skills demonstrated during their volunteer experiences. An adaptation of the national PREB program, Achieve Ontario is a Pan/Parapan Am Games’ Volunteer Legacy Initiative, sponsored by the Government of Ontario.

Using its membership of Volunteer Centres in Ontario, the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network (OVCN) provides the necessary framework to ensure that non-profits and voluntary organizations are Achieve Ontario certified and qualified to deliver Achieve Certificates.

Originally, Achieve Ontario was designed as a resilient and sustainable legacy to deliver personalized, official Achieve Certificates to the 23,000 plus volunteers who supported the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.

Why Achieve?

There are many benefits to Achieve!

The Achieve Certificate is ideal for anyone looking to be recognized for their volunteer involvement, but especially for:

  • Employment seekers as it provides a formal demonstration of experience, which can help distinguish yourself from others
  • Employers as it provides a credible reference and lists skills which are transferrable to the workplace
  • Youth as it provides a professional reference which can be usd when applying for scholarships and bursaries
  • Voluntary organizations as Achieve Ontario is a new era in volunteer recognition which can help them attract volunteers

How do I get an Achieve Certificate?

Achieve Certificates are issued by Achieve Ontario certified non-profit and charitable organizations only. If you volunteer with an Achieve Ontario certified organization, you may receive an Achieve Certificate highlighting your skills demonstrated during your volunteer experience.

If you volunteer at an organization that is not Achieve Ontario certified, and you want to be recognized for the skills demonstrated during your volunteer experience, encourage the organization to contact Volunteer MBC to sign up for an upcoming Achieve Ontario workshop. This way, you and other volunteers can get a personalized, official Achieve Certificate; a provincial-level document of volunteer recognition.

If your organization wishes to become a certified Trainer, visit our Learning Centre to find an upcoming course on volunteer recognition.

Access the Achieve Ontario system

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