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Members' Toolbox: Notifications
This is a BIG small thing!

VolunteerAttract software is designed to serve you. An extremely convenient feature is ‘Notifications’, a tool for accessing volunteers’ contact information, and it’s worthwhile refreshing our memories about how to use it. Your Volunteer MBC account is set up to receive email notifications, and to go behind the names of volunteer in those emails, ‘click’ the icon to the right of the name in the email you have received. PROVIDED you’re logged in to your account (profile), email address and telephone numbers for each volunteer will come up. DON’T FORGET the need to go to the ‘Applicants’ icon, part of a ‘volunteer position’ bookmark in your account. There, you’ll find the complete list of applicants, AND RESUMES of those volunteers who have ‘attached’ them to their ‘profiles’ are conveniently downloadable. Using both tools gives you the COMPLETE PICTURE!

Robert MacFarlane
Consultant - Referral Service