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Member Profile: Nanny Angel Network
Member Profile

Nanny Angel Network (NAN), a member organization since 2015, provides free, in-home relief childcare for mother's with cancer. Started in 2009, Nanny Angel Network will celebrate their 10th anniversary in November. They have the distinction of being the only organization of its kind in Canada.

"We have a vision of a world where mothers in need no longer feel alone during cancer treatment, but are resilient, less stressed and recover quickly. NAN gives children up to 16 years old excellent care at home, helps them to feel less anxious and gives them the chance to share their feelings in a safe environment. Together we are working to create a reality where every mother with cancer gets the care needs for her children so she has enough time to take care of herself,” says Nanny Angel Network founder, Audrey Guth.

The idea for the organization is a profoundly personal one. Founder Audrey Guth was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. While waiting in the hospital she witnessed a young mother, wearing a headscarf to cover her balding head, caring for a squirming toddler.  The young child was crawling over her mother and pulling at her scarf and Ms. Guth was able to see the pain in the mother’s eyes as she tried to keep her young daughter entertained.  As a mother of four, Ms Guth, owner of a nanny agency, knew she was in a unique position to fill a gap in Canadian health and social services. It has been a satisfying and rewarding success story.

"Knowing that we're supporting families during a time they need it most. Making a difference in the lives of mothers to give them a chance to rest, focus on their health and hopefully get well. Giving children a safe space to ask questions, to share their feelings and give them an extra support system when mum just isn’t physically able to do it. Together, we are lessening the impact of cancer on families.”

Nannies, specially trained in grief, bereavement and helping families in crisis, provides high quality childcare to mothers and their families through their cancer journey, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. Based in Toronto, they serve GTA and the greater Kingston area. They are always looking for more Nanny Angels, specifically in the Peel and Halton regions. Be sure to check our website for available positions.  


Marilyn Braun
Marketing and Communications Consultant for Volunteer MBC