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My Volunteer Story: Ramanjit Kaur Virk
Volunteering opened the door

As a child, I always wanted to help, to make a difference, and Mother Teresa was one of my ideal role models. Years passed and that deep desire remained confined inside me, because I did not know how to act upon my wish … .

Thankfully, Canada and Volunteer MBC have given me the means to fulfil my dreams of being of service to others and the joy of uplifting them. It has been a rewarding experience and I enjoy connecting with communities, encouraging youth, nurturing the upcoming generation and searching volunteering opportunities for elderly and intellectually disabled persons, too.

My volunteering journey most recently with Volunteer MBC as a ‘volunteer engagement assistant’ gave me fresh insight in skills based volunteering. I engaged in direct service to Volunteer MBC clients, and this experience refined and added to my existing skills such as customer service, services marketing, computer operation/management, and I acquired further skills, mostly involving interaction with people, including interviewing, community outreach, problem-solving used to break down barriers, a lot of which contributed to my ultimate employment in what I’ll describe as a further involvement in human services.

I am glad that there has been no need to change my vocation, because volunteering has allowed me to wear different hats to sample, even fulfill what I’d describe as career aspirations that relate to the important mission of helping people: teacher, social worker, nursing, and even a fire fighter. All remain possible within my life, and the pursuit of a satisfying career continues to be so amazing and fun. Volunteering opened the door.

Many times it happens with most of us that we want to contribute to society, but we get caught up in our daily routines or do not know how to get involved. In fact, it’s super easy. Just reach out to your local volunteer centre and they will assist you.

The inner desire to be of service (the volunteering ‘seed’) was there. Volunteer MBC germinated that, and now the plant is growing and continuing to be nurtured. I am thrilled about my new career and volunteering roles. A big shout out to all aspirants … NOW is the time, let’s volunteer and build a strong community.

Written by MarComm T