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My Volunteer Story - Brian
Volunteering keeps the engine running

When the company tabled a buyout offer, Brian crunched the numbers, saw that it could work financially and decided to go for it. After 33 years of daily deadlines, of commuting, of seeing his kids into adulthood, here was an opportunity for him to get off the treadmill, to relax and enjoy a little "me" time. 

But it wasn't all about Brian. Volunteering was always a consideration - and not just an excuse to get out of the house once or twice a week, to keep the engine running so to speak. He felt it could add a little meaning to life while at the same time help out a bit in the community. At least that was the motive, the plan.

Brian was unsure of what he might volunteer for and toyed with the idea of helping out at a senior's home, something he'd still like to do. A few initial Internet searches were frustrating and fruitless. Eventually, he stumbled upon Volunteer MBC and ended up volunteering at the centre, helping out with a few administrative jobs, a little writing and editing, and assisting with some community events the centre organized.

"It was a fun and interesting experience and I have no small amount of admiration for the team who manage Volunteer MBC -- a group of people on a shoestring, trying to make a difference by helping to make volunteering a little more easier for people and organizations," said Brian.

He further noted, "The importance of their efforts cannot be overemphasized. I suspect there will be a lot of people like me in the next few years who will be retiring with skills and experience to offer to the community through volunteering. And organizations such as Volunteer MBC will help pave the way."

The past few years have seen a couple of personal projects - notably, some travelling across the U.S - get in the way of his time spent volunteering. 

"I honestly can feel the difference, a kind of malaise has set in - something I plan to rectify shortly by volunteering anew," concluded Brian.

Written by Brian Chr
Written by Brian Christmas