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My Volunteer Story - Bill
Volunteering: A positive and fulfilling experience

My name is Bill Judges and I am a Volunteer Ambassador for Volunteer MBC.

When I retired approximately 2 years ago I felt I would have to find ways to fill the time that I had spent working in sales and marketing over the last 35 years. I knew I needed a reason(s) to get up in the morning and was concerned about the possible damage (both physical and mental) that prolonged inactivity might cause me. Volunteering seemed like a logical step. After a short period of time, spent mostly on the Volunteer MBC website, I decided that the position of Volunteer Ambassador would allow me to capitalize on my sales and marketing background.

A good part of my time as Volunteer Ambassador is now spent visiting schools and talking to students about the benefits of volunteering in general and doing it specifically using Volunteer MBC. It had been many years since I had been inside a school so I was a little nervous. I had visions of gangs of young punks walking the halls and beating up people like me (I had started watching a lot of television). Further, I didn’t get along very well with many of the teachers. I had trouble dealing with authority in those days.

My actual experience has been totally different. With few exceptions, the kids are great.  I love talking with them. The teachers are different too. They now tell me their problems. I feel both empathetic with them and concerned about them.

I have two new interests that I am now very interested in (Volunteering and Education in Ontario). So far, I am physically healthy and as strong mentally as I have ever been. I am not bored and am optimistic about the future being in the hands of the next generation. For me, volunteering has been a very positive and fulfilling experience.

Written by: Bill Jud
Written by Bill Judges