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My Volunteer Story - Anya
A Volunteering Stepping Stone

At only 20 years old, Anya's impressive volunteer record clearly shows her drive and ambition. The student started out in 2006 by helping out at libraries, partly to fulfill the 40 hours of community activity that are required to receive a diploma at Ontario secondary schools.  

"I keep volunteering because it gives me a sense of purpose and commitment. It gives me something valuable to do with my time," she says. "Plus, it's a fantastic way to gain experience and make connections".

She assisted the library staff by doing things such as shelving holds and sorting magazines. The experience has made Anya very grateful that such a valuable resource is available to everybody for free, and she's proud that she has been able to contribute to that.

But it doesn't stop there. Anya has also helped out at various local Mississauga events, such as the 2010 Streetsville Bread and Honey Festival and the JDRF/TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes.

"I believe that connecting with people and having a diverse range of volunteer experiences is vital in becoming a truly well-rounded individual".

Anya was a member of the centre's Youth Advisory Committee for the 2011 ChangeTheWorld - Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge. Her role consisted of attending meetings, connecting pre-existing volunteer events to Volunteer MBC, contributing ideas on how to increase local youth volunteerism, and generally promoting ChangeTheWorld. She considers it a great honor to have been part of such an amazing initiative and gladly made the most of the experience.

Now, Anya is successfully adjusting to life at York University, where she is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She now aspires to individualize her volunteering by acting as a tutor or mentor and hopes that her community involvement will act as a stepping stone to an amazing professional career.

Brian Christmas
Written by Brian Christmas