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My Volunteer Story - Morley
Volunteering: An honour and a priviledge

Spare time is something that most people might take for granted. Thinking of what they can do, perhaps binge watch a new series, take a nap, play a video game or something along those lines. There is nothing wrong with doing any of those things, but Morley Wilson had a different idea of what she wanted to do with her spare time. Morley has volunteered and continues to volunteers with several different organizations that she dedicates her time to.

Morley has volunteered in the past at Toronto Public Library, Jane & Finch Concerned Citizens, Mt. Industry Health Centre, Social Connection Through Christ, Community MicroSkills Development Centre, ResQ Youth International and presently at Women of Honour Canada, St. John’s Ambulance, Garden Hat Tea Party and Testimonies & Praise, all in various positions. Recently, Morley also delivered presents during Christmas to children at Sick Kids Hospital, and also spent her time walking the streets in Toronto handing out Tim Hortons gift cards to the homeless. With a list this long one might wonder what motivates her to volunteer so much, “I had time on my hand, as a new person in Canada and I wanted to utilize my time without wasting it on watching television or otherwise. I sought out how I could give back and that was how I started volunteering as an Adult Literacy Tutor.” Morley said, “The saying goes, ‘time wasted cannot be regained’; therefore, I did not want to waste any time without putting it to something good and useful.”

Volunteering at many different places in different positions has taught Morley a lot of different skills and gave her new experiences. Those new experiences taught her a few things such as, learning about other cultures, patience, respect and dignity for everyone. She was able to use these skills and experience to help her get a full-time job where she can further develop her skills. Those experiences led to other new experiences where she wrote and published music CD’s, as well as making a film about anti-bullying. She has also recently published a magazine called Testimonies. It is a magazine where a person can share their life's experiences - from sadness to joy, giving hope to others who may not have dreamt there was.

The greatest feeling for Morley about volunteering is being able to give back and share her experiences with others, “I feel honoured and privileged to serve others. Honour starts from the heart to make a difference, to share yourself, by giving back.” She encourages everyone to volunteer, even if it is only an hour a week or a month, it adds up over time, “In volunteering, do it well, to the best of your ability as if you were paid a million dollars for the hour. And if you do not have an hour a week to volunteer, give back in talent or money.”

Written by: Andrew D
Written by: Andrew Dmytrasz