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My Volunteer Story - Jake
In the footsteps of his father

Jake Dheer started his volunteering following in the footsteps of his father with the Lions Club. Jake learned the importance and value of volunteering from his parents - they were very giving, and Jake wanted to imitate their generosity.

What made Jake want to donate his time was seeing the impact that it had on his father. His father was a member of the Lions Club in Africa, and when Jake found out about the Lions Club in Mississauga, he decided to join. The great experience he had from this led him to continue volunteering.  “When you help out a lot, people around you ask you to help out with various other things” Jake said. “By helping out, you build your own set of skills, and learn more about yourself and your community. When you learn more about your community, you really see what the needs of your community are and this leads to how you can make a difference in it.”

Another great benefit from volunteering, according to Jake, is all the people that you meet along the way. Not only do you get to meet and network with other people building relationships, but you also get to meet community leaders and philanthropists. They have great insights into the community and how to best improve it.

The greatest benefit Jake has received from volunteering was the dinner that was held in his honour. That dinner raised a lot of money for Community Living Mississauga. Other distinctions Jake is honoured to have been given include the Citizen of The Year, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, and even giving the key note address for a graduation class at the University of Toronto in Mississauga.

Jake has some words of wisdom for people looking to start volunteering. “Don’t wait for anything. If you have a certain set of skills or want to learn a set of skills then go and volunteer. There are always excuses in life not to do something and life will always be happening - you need to make time for volunteering and you will be thankful that you did.”

Jake encourages all people to volunteer in any way that they can, “If we all do a little bit, it adds up and all helps. Everyone has something to give, and giving back makes the community and world a great place for all.”

Written by Andrew Dm
Written by Andrew Dmytrasz, Volunteer Writer