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Heart Comonos (Joshua Creek Church)
Introducing Heart Comonos! Translation from Latin: “Together as One”. Heart Comonos is an early-stage collaborative involving Joshua Creek Community Developments, The Dam Youth, Crane Creations Theatre Company and Bill Graham’s Food Table - with more partners to come! Our focus is to create inclusive spaces for people to connect, learn and collaborate. We are committed to taking a deep dive into the societal pandemic of loneliness and isolation (especially in this time of COVID-19) and to ameliorate the trail of symptoms it leaves behind. Often, these include anxiety, depression, addiction, low self-esteem, as well as the marginalization of people groups, and the accompanying injustices and inequalities that are felt. Because wellness is multi-faceted, our strategies involve integrating spiritual, psychological, physical and social dimensions. Our long-term project is the creation of Heart Comonos - a community cultural hub near the downtown core of Mississauga in Cooksville. In the near term, we are initiating numerous community engagement projects with the aim of creating connections among citizens, organizations and associations. Our approach is generally known as ‘Asset-Based Community Development’ with an emphasis on identifying and activating the gifts, knowledge, skills, experience, hopes and dreams among the beautiful diversity of Cooksville citizens. It begins with creating a ‘neighbourly vibe’ - residents supporting each other, together developing the kinds of neighbourhoods and communities where people love to work, live and play. Whoever you are, regardless of your background, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and beliefs. Each person has something vital and needed to contribute. Let’s dream and build together for the common good! If this captures your interest and imagination, please contact us at [email protected] - we would love to hear from you!

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Volunteer Neighbour Connector Heart Comonos (Joshua Creek Church)   M/B/C/V