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Women for Women Support Services
Women for Women Support Services Introduction. When Women support Women, incredible things happen’ We had started out just as a small group of like-minded women meeting up once a month to connect, make friends and have fun. Only 5 women attended our first meeting in the winter of 2017 and we started a whatsapp group to connect. The numbers started growing steadily and we now stand at 650 and still growing. Somewhere down the line, this group turned into support group of sorts. Women started coming out more and more to our get-togethers, not just for fun, but also to find support for various situations in their life, which ranged from Isolation to medical needs to plain serious Domestic abuse. There were a lot of other issues like employment guidance, newcomer settlement issues and small enterprise promotion going on as well. All this made us realize that not only was there a serious lack (not enough) of services for women in the area covered by telephone area code 905, but also a general lack of awareness of any existing services among the female population. The social isolation and the low walkability score of 905 was another factor in this 'Lack of awareness of services and hesitance to access the services unless in dire need'. So, we decided to come together and bridge this gap without 're-inventing the wheel'. So far we have been connecting women to already existing services in the GTA area and are endeavoring to raise general awareness amongst the female population of their rights as a Canadian citizen and the supports available to them to exercise those rights. We still find a huge reluctance among women in going out of 905 areas to access services or supports. We are trying to change that by offering transportation plans and discounted driving lessons offered by female driving instructors. Another thing we realized was that a big percentage of immigrant women who are well placed socially and financially (and live in the 905 area) are in position to

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