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  • All members will be issued with the above “Admin” Log-ins.
  • Multiple “User”  Log-ins can be issued upon the member organizations’ request and requests can be submitted after your membership subscription has been approved. Only the “Admin” Log-in holders will have the option to request for a new log-in.
  • Both the “Admin” and “User” Log-ins have the functionalities to post volunteer positions, managing these postings, and access to the volunteer applicants.
  • The difference between the “Admin” and “User” Log-ins are that only the “Admin” log-ins will have the permission to edit details of your Membership with Volunteer MBC.

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  • The subscribing organization agrees to follow the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) when collecting personal information of applicants to volunteer positions referred through Volunteer MBC’s Online Volunteer Referral System (OVRS). About the Act:
  • The subscribing organization agrees to the use of the organization’s contact details by Volunteer MBC according to PIPEDA.
  • The subscribing organization agrees to Volunteer MBC’s Membership Policy and Membership Cancellation Policy. Click on the links to download PDF versions of the policy documents.