Calling All Grade 8s – Time To Start Your Volunteer Hours!

Congratulations to all grade 8s on completing your second last chapter of school! As you plan ways to relax and enjoy the next few weeks, we’d like to remind you that summer is the perfect time to get a head start on your 40 hours of volunteer hours required to graduate by the end of high school.
Consider the following:
Think about your goals for the next year. Do you want to be involved in school clubs? Have plans to get engaged in a few extracurricular activities? Whatever your plans are before or after school, soon your calendar will be busy! In your later years during Grade 11 and 12, in between selecting college or university geared courses, preparing for prom, and ensuring you’ve completed the required courses for graduation, time is of the essence. The earlier you’re able to complete your hours, the more time you’ll have for have to dedicate to your later years.
The summer months are the best times to apply for a volunteer opportunity as during the school year, many organizations engage placement students from the January to April period. So if you can contribute more time during the summer, this is a great time to select from a variety of opportunities available to you.
Are you looking for employment this summer, or for a part time job starting in September? An essential component of being successful in getting a job is references. Volunteering for an organization gives you the opportunity to gain hands on experience related to a cause you are passionate about, and helps to build your network, consisting of a few people that can speak to your character and skills. Gaining a reference requires consistency, reliability, and contributing above and beyond minimal requirements that will be a huge benefit when applying for scholarships and other extracurricular activities.
To get started, you can go to and select ‘I Want To Volunteer’. Next, you can create your volunteer profile in Peel which will give you the opportunity to select from a variety of volunteer opportunities based on your interests and availability for the summer. If you need any assistance with your profile or search, feel free to book an appointment at one of our offices by calling (905)-238-2622. 
Have a great summer.