Volunteering for Newcomers


Volunteering for newcomers connects you to your community! 


It provides you with the opportunity to network, make new contacts and expand your social circle.


It can provide a stepping stone to the job market.


It can help you to develop and share your skills, and to gain new ones.


It helps you to build your resume and gain Canadian experience.


Volunteer MBC’s Newcomer Volunteer Readiness Program provides the following:

  • Outreach to promote the benefits and importance of volunteering for newcomers to teach them about volunteering and to prepare them to be "volunteer" ready
  • Direct access to volunteer opportunities with community service organizations through in-person consultation or through our On-line Volunteer Referral System (OVRS) to assist in finding roles based on their employment needs and skill sets
  • Collaboration with groups and organizations serving the newcomer population

Through volunteering, newcomers can share their knowledge and experience, while getting connected to their community through meaningful volunteer opportunities.


Here’s how newcomers can get involved!

  • Search for volunteer roles in our On-line Volunteer Referral System (OVRS) CLICKING HERE

  • Consider joining Volunteer MBC's Seniors Community Engagement Taskforce, a program that connects older adults and seniors to meaningful volunteer opportunities and by developing events and initiatives that provide opportunites for older adults and seniors to get engaged in our community.

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