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Volunteer Recruitment Postings-  connecting you to our database of 14,000+ volunteers.

Unlimited Up to three  

Posting Expertise and Support to attract the right volunteers - through our Posting Team, V-News & Social Media Channels (27K Subscribers).

yes yes  

V-Oscars Gala Nomination - the only venue to recognize your volunteers at the Peel level.


Discounted Achieve Ontario Certificate Training - we are the only certified trainer in Peel allowing you to access a free, credible volunteer recognition system  http://achieveontario.ca/


Substantial Discount on Volunteer MBC Learning Centre Courses - for Board governance training & Volunteer Engagement professional development.

yes   yes
Personal Consultation - Free 1 hour for new Members - discount for additional consults. yes    

Access to Preferred Partnership with OASSIS - Not-for-profit Employee Benefit Plan



Full Membership

Special Events Membership 

Individual Membership

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Base Membership Fee
Full Membership
$55.00 (operating budgets up to $100,000)
$110.00 (operating budgets between $100,000 to $399,999)
$165.00 (operating budgets between $400,000 to $999,999)
$215.00 (operating budgets over $1,000,000)
Special Events Membership
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Individual Membership



Who Can Be a Volunteer MBC Member


Registered Not-for-Profits or Charities in Peel region.

Individuals who have a personal interest in the voluntary sector professional development.

Community programs and services that are not intended to earn profits for a for-profit organization.



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Payments & Policies

Membership is offered on an annual basis (January to December), and is fee-based with renewals occurring at the beginning of each fiscal year (January).
Methods of Payment:
  • Cash.
  • Cheque payable to "Volunteer MBC."
  • Credit Card (please call 905.238.2622 Ext.225 to process payment).