National Volunteer Week

Happy National Volunteer Week!

April 23 to April 29, 2016 is National Volunteer Week (NVW), a time to celebrate and thank Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers. 

Volunteers are the roots of strong communities. Just like roots are essential for trees to bloom, volunteers are essential for communities to boom. Thanks to volunteers, our communities grow strong and resilient. Even the tiniest volunteer effort leaves a profound and lasting trace in a community, much like tree rings that appear over time.

Inspired by Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary, this year’s campaign by Volunteer Canada celebrates 150 years of volunteers contributing time and effort in their communities. This week, Volunteer MBC celebrated the contributions of volunteers with The V-Oscars, our 2nd Volunteer Recognition Gala, providing our members with the opportunity to nominate and thank individuals and groups for their acts of kindness and selfless commitment to deliver the services and programs you provide. We also launched the ChangeTheWorld – Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge, providing unique opportunities for high school students to gain volunteer hours and be part of a larger effort to engage youth in a variety of community initiatives. 

The V-Oscars and ChangeTheWorld campaign would not be possible in Peel without your desire to serve, grow, and unite under core values of optimism, inclusivity, and humility as we celebrate 150 years of unity among provinces and territories in Canada. We thank you this week for:

  • Expressing your desire to lend a helping hand by connecting through our Online Volunteer Referral System;
  • Willingness to share your expertise, passion, and skills to help organizations achieve their mission and vision;
  • Committing to contributing your time while balancing work, school, and personal commitments;
  • Inspiring hope, confidence, and belief in the power of volunteering. 
We encourage you beyond National Volunteer Week and in celebration of Canada 150, to report all volunteers hours you contribute this year through Volunteer MBC as part of our Peel Cares – Canada 150 campaign. Find out more